Know your double glazing

When it comes to double glazing, the wellknown two panes of glass combined together have grown over the years to now be considered industry standard technology that can provide homeowners with a whole host of benefits. 

However, double glazing didn’t really become a “thing” in the UK until the 70s, when unsurprisingly the rise in energy prices forced people to look at how they could make their homes more energy efficient, in a more cost-effective way. 

Double Glazing window glass pane

Today, double glazing is almost seen as part of the norm, and if upgrading your windows or changing your glazing in some shape or form is on your agenda, this post will provide some great insight into double glazing and just what it can offer you. 

What is double glazing? 

In its simplest form, double glazing involves two panes of glass being set within a frame (also known as a unit).  These two panes are separated by a thin layer of air or inert gas (typically argon) placed in between. 

This invisible layer between the panels is what really makes double glazing so great, as ultimately it is this protective layer that helps keep the cold out and the heat in! 

What can double glazing offer you? 

Double glazing provides home-owners with many benefits.  Some of these include: 

  • Increasing levels of security.  Ultimately, additional layers mean additional security.  This can be increased further still if toughened glass is also used. 
  • Reducing heat loss and stop draughts coming into your home by limiting the amount of heat leaving through your windows, as well as reducing cold air from outside, getting in! 
  • Reducing condensation.  One of the biggest problems with windows is condensation.   However, because of the reduction in the volume of heat lost with double glazing the internal pane doesn’t get as cold, hence will stop condensation from building up.  This also helps to reduce moisture inside the property and prevent mould from appearing. 
  • Reducing noise pollution.  This is especially true when compared to single glazing, where double glazing dramatically reduces noise volume because of the additional materials used.  Making your home much quieter and all around peaceful. 

Increasing your homes energy efficiency through double glazing 

Most people look to upgrade the glass in their windows and doors because they want to restrict the heat that is lost through them.  This, in turn, should reduce heating bills and lower your energy consumption. 

This is what double glazing can offer, through both conduction and convection properties. 

Conduction is where heat radiates onto glass and through the glass pane, seeping outside (it escapes).  However, with double glazed windows, the heat doesn’t head straight outside.   

Instead, it moves between the panes of glass, and at this point convection comes into play. 

Convection is where the heat that is transferred between the panes, moving through the air or gas.  Because air isn’t a great heat conductor, the vacuum effect within double glazing becomes almost a block which ultimately stops the heat from escaping escape. 

Double Glazing – Types and Styles 

There aren’t hundreds of different types of double glazing to choose from; however, with advances in technology, there are a few! 

Floating glass – this type of glass is used for most modern windows today.  Where uniformed and perfectly flat finishes are achieved. The process to achieve such glass involves layers of molten metal and floating glass being combined together.  

Low emissivity glass – this type of glass involves coating one side of the glass pane with a thin “low e” metal to create an insulating effect.  Restricting heat escaping through the window panes hence supporting greater energy efficiency. 

Toughened glass – glass that has gone through heat tempering processes to give it the additional strength that is required.  If toughened glass does break, it breaks into small pieces instead of shattering into sharp shards. Toughened glass is now standard in car windscreens, the odd telephone box and more. 

Laminated glass – laminated glass increases your levels of window security as the laminated panels are stuck together, resulting in the pane being able to hold itself together if it breaks rather than shattering completely. 

Double glazing isn’t always for everyone 

In some cases, mainly those properties that are considered as “listed buildings,” double glazing will not be suitable, and an alternative needs to be considered. 

For example, it might be a bit strange if a period Georgian house suddenly has very new and very modern windows installed and fitted. 

So, the alternative that is often offered is known as secondary glazing. 

Secondary glazing is where the existing window and pane is added to, rather than replaced.   

In these instances, an extra panel is placed on the inside of the window and attached to the frame.  Excluding any draughts, reducing noise, and helping to keep the heat in – just like the offer of double glazing. 

Secondary glazing can also be easily removed when it’s not needed.  So, for example, in the summer months with south facing windows, you may want to let more light into your property, and in these cases, the additional panels can be easily removed to achieve this. 

Secondary glazing offers you everything that double glazing can provide, without compromising on the look and style of your home. 

Your Choice 

Due to the continuing rise in house prices, most homeowners are now looking to stay put and making home improvements instead.  Making changes that not only upgrade and modernise properties but changes that will help to save money in the long run too. 

Having double glazing installed and fitted can be one of these improvements, with energy efficiencies, noise reduction, and an increase in safety all on offer. 

Double glazing is now the standard offering for glass upgrades in most homes. 

Let the team at Alan Carnall transform your home today. 

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Ins and Outs of Double Glazing

Double glazing is now a household commodity that we almost take for granted.  Coming as standard now in most windows and doors, we would expect nothing less than good quality glazing that lasts. 

However, double glazing can on very rare occasions spontaneously crack, or collapse inward causing a shatter effect look on your glass. 

Cracked Double Glazed Window

These situations can occur at any time of the year, and for all nothing might have touched the window or flew into the window to cause such a break, there is a reason behind these mysterious breakages. 

Window Glazing 

Double glazing is ultimately constructed by placing two sheets of glass either side of a vacuum, or in most cases a layer of inert gas.  This helps to create an invisible barrier which helps to contain heat hence keeping drafts out of your home, the temperature stable, and your energy bills down. 

A double-glazed window comes as a sealed unit.  The pressure placed around the glass is therefore constant, unlike the air pressure it is exposed to externally and internally. 

For all this pressure on the glass is minimal, you still might start and notice changes to the glass within the double-glazed unit.  

These changes might occur because of external pressures, and the window may slightly move inwards. 

Now, in most cases, the glass will be strong enough to withstand most pressure.  However, there are some instances where this is not the case, and the window glass cracks, showing what is known as stress cracks. 

Most emergency glazing and window repairs took place during the winter months when the colder outdoor temperatures contrasting with the heat and the warmth of our homes with the central heating cranked up, both make for very different temperatures on either side of the glass! 

Main causes of cracks in double glazing 

Size of window 

The size and shape of your window can determine which ones are most at risk of breaking.  Thinking about it in terms of aspect ratio, if you have a small square or even a circular shaped window, you will find that these are typically at very low risk of suffering a break.  This is because shorter panes of glass have less opportunity to flex than what larger panes do. So, in these cases, a tall, very narrow window, will most likely be at greater risk of breaks or indeed stress cracks showing. 

Problems with the window unit itself 

Even with the best technology in the world, human error is still inevitable.  Double glazing requires precision engineering to get perfectly right every time and, in some cases, unfortunately, there are manufacturing errors.  Things such as practices, machinery, workforce skills, and environmental factors all play a part in the manufacturing of double-glazed window units. 

Scratch on the surface 

Ultimately to make double glazed units, glass has to be cut down to size.  If a pane of glass is unfortunate enough to get scratched across any part of it, that part then becomes the weakest part of the window, becoming exposed to more of the elements faster and turning into something much more sinister in the long run.  The risk of scratches occurring is increased when glass cutting is more complicated due to window design, or when engineering bevelled glass. 

Humidity and temperature 

With winter being the most popular season for window repairs to be carried out because of the differing temperatures indoors and out, we also need to take into consideration the temperature of the gas inside the unit. 

For example, if your double-glazed unit is installed and fitted on a hot summer’s day, the atmospheric pressure will be low, posing a greater risk to the glass during the winter. 

Moisture within the unit also poses the same problems.  Moisture is often absorbed during the manufacturing process using a desiccant substance, which helps to prevent condensation droplets from being created inside the window.  However, this process also changes the pressure of the window, so again, windows that are manufactured on hot and humid days will be at higher risk of cracking with the temperature drops! 

Glass strength 

Window glass cracking can most certainly be reduced if the glass being used is of sufficient strength.   

A thicker pane of glass will be less likely to suffer from stress cracks than a thinner one, and at Alan Carnall, we’d always recommend opting for a 6mm pane over the most common 4mm.  

However, this isn’t to say the 4mm won’t be strong enough, as other factors also need to be taken into consideration.  Such as, where the stress is coming from, the size of the unit required, and how your house is arranged. 

Manufacturers now put in place much more stringent environmental controls within factories, helping to reduce the impact of these environmental factors and reduce the chances of a break happening and a claim of negligence being sought. 

Most manufacturers will now offer a guarantee against these spontaneous breakages and can offer glass replacement services. 

An increase in temperature from outside 

To help windows from cracking in those hot summer months, it’s essential to make sure that heat is dispersed fully across the glass.  Helping to reduce the impact that a full beam of sunlight in one spot may have on the window. 

Those windows that are fully exposed to the sun during the summer do have more chance of cracking in the winter.  This is because as the glass cools during the night, a beam of sunlight will then suddenly appear again during the day.  But this beam will only raise the temperature of where it hits, meaning that more than likely the corners of the windows are left out in the cold and take much longer for the temperature to reach them.  This temperature difference is what starts stress cracks appearing. 

To help disperse the heat more evenly in the winter months, you can place a pale-coloured blind/curtain inside the glass.  This helps reflect the heat onto the glass and evenly distribute the temperature. 

The temperature inside the home 

Within our homes and especially during the winter months, the temperature inside can also fluctuate, as we have our central heating systems on and off throughout.  Most problems to windows occur if your radiator or fire is directly next to the window. 

To help prevent any cracks from occurring, if your radiator is directly underneath the window, you can provide a little protection with curtains that fall behind the radiator, while still making sure airflow to the window from the rest of the room is adequate. 

If you’re looking for new double-glazed windows and doors, or you have an emergency glazing situation and need a window repair, call the team at Alan Carnall today and see how we can help you. 

Choosing the right glazing company for you

Choosing the right windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, anything to do with glazing – requires careful consideration when it comes to replacement glass, upgrading or installing new. 

You need to think about style, design, energy efficiency and more! 

It’s also not just about new windows and doors either; you need to find a company that can also offer you glass replacement services and in some instances emergency window glass repairs!  

Choosing the right glazing company for you

To help you with all of this and more you need to use a company you can trust and rely on, as trust us, replacing windows or certainly installing new is no small task. 

Things to ask and research when looking for a good glazing company

Check their financials!  Ok, so we’re not saying start an investigation into the firm you’re considering using, but it is worth checking their financial standing by checking reviews online, speaking with previous customers if possible, do they have a high public profile – have you heard of them before, what is their history?  Do they belong to any professional trade bodies or have worked for any large or local clients etc. All of these questions and more fall into this category and can put your mind at rest with the company you’re choosing to work with. 

What are their company values/promises?  Do they have any?  Is this something they publicise, i.e. that they provide exceptional customer service, their teams are all fully trained to the highest standard, etc.  These people are coming into your home either as an emergency glazier or carrying out a full installation of new windows. Either way, you have to know you can trust them. 

How do they respond to your questions and queries?  Do they put your best interests first providing you with the right solutions, or do they do the hard sell?  You need to look at their expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. How they respond to your questions will provide you with everything you need to know. 

Check cancellation policies.  Most glazing companies will have what is known as a “cooling off” period, which is usually around 14 days, giving you the right to change your mind and opt out of any agreements you have made.  Make sure you read all of the contracts and terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line.  

What guarantees or warranties will you receive?  What guarantees are you provided with that the double-glazing work you’ve had carried out is insured if something goes wrong within the first 6months, for example?  You need to have complete peace of mind and working with a reputable company will help provide you with this. 

Don’t be put off

There’s more to choosing a glazing company than meets the eye, and quite often people can be put off from getting work done due to bad experiences reported by others, rumours and more. 

We’re here to tell you don’t be.  Don’t be put off by the volume of products available to choose from, pushy salesman, too good to be true discounts, fear that the installation will go wrong, negative perception of double-glazing firms, etc, etc! 

Glazing companies and in particular emergency glaziers are on hand to help and support you. Providing you with the best solutions suited to your requirements. 

But, to help you avoid those pushy salespeople further you could also consider checking: 

  • How long the company been trading for. 
  • Are the fitters/installers employed or subcontracted? (subcontracted can mean that sometimes anyone can be used without being properly vetted and checked) 
  • Do the sales team work on commission only? (This can help determine how pushy they will be) 
  • Are windows manufactured in the UK? 
  • Do they have a showroom you could look around? 
  • Do they have any trade body membership? 

Buy double glazing with confidence…

With Alan Carnall, Leeds, we offer our customers, the best advice, service, and products around.  We’re on hand for all glass replacements as well as providing the best emergency glazing in Leeds. 

Ultimately when it comes to choosing the right glazing company for you, take your time, get quotes and get options. 

Call Alan Carnall today on 0113 256 8008. 

What you need to know about glazing repairs and replacements

Glazing can and is so much more than just a pane of glass which we look through. 

Glazing and the different types of glazing now available, can provide you with things such as heightened security, solar control, thermal efficiency, increased noise barriers and protection, better aesthetics, and so much more. 

What you need to know about glazing repairs and replacements

This is all achieved through one sustainable source, glass. 

But, to streamline the glazing repair and glass replacement process, there are things to take into consideration. 

Points to consider

Where is the glass for?  Depending on where the glass is for will depend on what glazing solutions are most appropriate.  For example, glass on ground floors may have to contain more safety elements (such as toughened glass), or it might even have to be laminated depending on what type of building it is for. 

Maintaining Standards.  Check with the glazers that you use about their standards, as glazing manufacturers and installers all must adhere to strict industry guidelines.  These standards ensure that if checks were to be carried out the glass installed would be identified as fit for purpose, carry the right level of strength for placement and they would be tested for integrity. 

Energy efficiency – a big consideration for anyone looking to replace their double glazing or install new.  Ultimately, glass replacement should meet or indeed exceed the performance of any old windows or damaged ones.  The installation methods used should improve energy performance, making sure that all seals are fitted securely, and no air or drafts can escape or indeed get in.  (Energy efficiency glass also comes in a range of styles and types, and it is worth speaking to the installation team about your options). 

Condensation issues.  If you’re looking to replace and repair windows due to condensation issues, then you wouldn’t be alone!  Condensation is one of the biggest reasons for emergency window glass repair. To avoid such problems continuing this needs to be managed during the replacement project, as premature failure of the window itself can happen if sufficient attention isn’t given. 

Do you require structural support?  It’s important to note that some windows can only be replaced when others have been removed from their positions, while others can be completed when the window is still in place.  You need to know which method is being used so that the structural stability of your windows isn’t compromised. 

Costs.  After considering everything and weighing up your options when it comes to the different types of double glazing available, it’s essential to make sure to get an estimate for any work carried out.  Whether this is emergency glazing for repairs or installation of replacement windows, it’s important to know how much such work is going to cost. 

Repair and Replacement Challenges

Repairing and replacing windows comes with challenges; these include: 

  • Working at height – Health and Safety must be top priority and teams must be appropriately trained to deal with all working at height equipment and tools 
  • Weather conditions – installers will need to monitor forecasts and plan appropriately.  The angle and position of windows will also need to be considered. For example, are windows sheltered or completely exposed to the elements?  The answer to this question will guide the different requirements for what glazing system will be required, for example, are water resistant sealers required or will standard sealers suffice? 
  • Access and traffic management.  Depending on the property and where the windows are situated you may have to think about managing traffic and potential hazards to the general public.  Think about if you need to close roads, manage traffic, are you able to work outside of regular trading hours to cause minimal disruption, etc. 

Guiding you through the process

There are differences in the glass.  These are very subtle, but they are there.  Things like colour transition, reflection and neutrality are all important features to bear in mind, especially if just one glass pane needs to be replaced and needs to match in with existing windows. 

At Alan Carnall, we can guide you through this process, working with you to identify the best glazing solutions for you. 

We’re experienced in handling a range of complex situations, we make windows safe, secure and accessible, getting the right specifications customised for your home. 

We’re also here for you in all of your emergency glazing needs.  So, call our Leeds office now on 0113 256 8008 and see how we can help you. 

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Time to replace your double glazing?

Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever and for all good quality fitted windows may stand the test of time, accidents, as well as long periods of time passing, can make circumstances change. 

Windows fulfill a functional purpose – they let in air and light, they keep homes secure, free from drafts and block out any noise from outside. 

Time to replace your double glazing

However, windows do need to be looked after to maintain these features and the longevity of their lifespan, and in some cases, it may be time to look at replacing your windows sooner than you think! 

Reasons to change your windows

Windows no longer open or shut properly.  This is not only a huge inconvenience to you, but it’s also a Health and Safety hazard if you let it continue.  If your windows no longer close properly or indeed they can no longer be opened due to a variety of reasons, it’s time to look at more suitable options. 

Visible damage.  Wear and tear around window frames need to be monitored, and most importantly windows replaced when cracks begin to show.  These cracks can allow for mould and damp to set in, as well as look unsightly both inside and out. It’s essential to address any damage with frames and windows asap and let the professional glaziers get to work! 

Single pane.  If you currently have a single pane of glass, it’s important to upgrade this to double glazed. Glass replacement services are available to provide such services without having to remove and fit an entirely new window frame.  Double glazing offers you better home security and much more energy efficiency. 

Windows let in drafts.  If your windows are starting to whistle with the wind, it could be a broken seal around the pane of glass and the frame, letting in drafts and cold air, and ultimately not performing adequately.  You can call an emergency glazier to help solve the problem, often replacing the pane of glass and fitting new seals around the frame and panels themselves with ease.  

Condensation.  One of the biggest problems with windows is condensation.  Often when condensation occurs, it is due to a ventilation issue, and installing higher quality glazing systems can help.  Condensation is a sign that the double glazing has failed and will no longer be keeping your home as warm as it should be. 

Accidental/Purpose Damage.  If your windows have fallen victim to an accident or an actual attempt to break them, an emergency glazier will be able to help.  Providing you with emergency window glass repairs, it doesn’t matter whether a football has shattered the glass, or the window has been popped due to an attempted break-in, professional glaziers will be able to repair and install new in no time. 

Old windows.  If your windows are over ten years old, and certainly over 20, then it may be time to replace them.  Older windows will no longer be providing you with the energy efficiencies that more modern windows will.  In addition, some modern windows also come with built-in UPVC protection, helping to block out strong incoming sun rays (stopping items in your home from fading (which is also an issue if you have single pane windows). 

Ill-fitted.  If water is leaking through the frame, it can mean that windows have not been fitted correctly or that the window seals themselves have failed, or the drainage section is blocked.  Whatever the reason, replacing your windows is most definitely the best course of action. 

Cracks and chips to the glass.  Similar to an emergency glass window repair, if these cracks and chips are left over time, the worse the situation becomes and the less likely your windows will offer you any security or efficiencies. 

Benefits of replacing your windows 

  • Helps to increase the value of your property (especially when energy consumption is now shown on all properties up for sale) 
  • Can help reduce your energy bills 
  • Can upgrade and update the look and feel of your home 
  • Offers improved security 

You don’t have to replace like for like 

You also don’t have to replace windows like for like as there are now several options available for you to choose from. 

Options including: 

  • UPVC 
  • Timber 
  • Timber effect 
  • Aluminium 
  • Composite 

All are coming in a range of colours, finishes, and configurations too. 

Emergency Glazing Leeds 

At Alan Carnall we understand the importance of having windows fitted by expert installers, that’s why all the team at Alan Carnall is trained to the highest standards, helping with regular checks, we want to help you get the most out of the lifespan of your windows. 

It’s essential to make sure your windows are up to scratch, installing glass replacements which are of good quality, robust, and energy efficient. 

If you’re concerned about any of the points we’ve mentioned above, contact us today on 0113 256 8008 

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Making the most of energy efficient windows

A known industry statistic is that 10% of household heat is lost through windows.  That’s an awful lot of wastage, and with rising energy bills, can you really afford to lose this amount, when you can act now, making changes to preserve and increase energy efficiencies in your home? 

If you’re concerned that your windows have become unreliable at storing energy then call the emergency glass repair specialists in Leeds, Alan Carnall. 

Utilse Energy More efficiently with Double Glazing in Leeds

Not only can we help you in all emergencies, but we can also work with you and your home, providing you with a range of window options, ensuring that as much energy generated from your boiler stays indoors, with windows that are made to last. 

Using energy more effectively 

People are now more aware than ever when it comes to how energy efficient their home is.  With energy efficiency ratings now being provided, it’s important to know where your home currently sits on this scale and how to improve this, if necessary. 

The energy efficiency system ranges from A++ to C, with A++ being most efficient.  These ratings are generated by considering the entire window (glazing and frame) and have been developed by the British Federation Rating Council. 

From this rating, a u-value is then provided.  This refers to how easily heat can pass through the unit.  The higher the value, the easier the heat can pass through and the less efficient your windows are. 

How energy efficient windows can help 

Energy efficient glazing does exactly what it says on the pane; it helps to keep heat inside your home. 

Working alongside other energy efficient methods (such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, energy efficient heating systems, etc.) energy efficient windows can help you: – 

  • Improve your energy efficiency 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Reduce noise pollution 
  • Improve thermal insulation 
  • Reduce condensation 
  • Provide additional safety and security 
  • Provide cost savings 
  • Offer a more comfortable living environment 
  • Increase your home’s value. 


Because energy efficient windows are double glazed windows consisting of a framing material where the glass seal units are fitted. 

The double glazing itself consists of two panes of glass with a small space in-between, this space helps to create a barrier which stops the heat escaping from your home.  That and the fact that space is also filled with inert, non-toxic gas, (most common is Argon gas, due to it being cost-effective, colourless, non-flammable, and non-reactive to other gases), effectively helping to reduce heat loss from properties. 

When approximately 25% of the gas has escaped, the thermal performance of your windows will start to reduce – this will happen over time and many years. 

Add value to your home by choosing the perfect double glazing for you 

Energy efficient windows come in a variety of styles, such as sash windows, casement windows, tilt, and turns and bay windows.  Offering your choice as well as flexibility.  

Choosing windows that complement your home and keep in with the character of the property is key. 

UPVC also offers the most value for money due to its robust composition; it doesn’t require as much maintenance, such as painting, like its wooden counterparts.; and UPVC also fits perfectly and more securely in place, removing any unwanted drafts. 

There’s also the option of installing low emissivity glass, which is the most energy efficient glazing system currently available.  With one of the internal panes of glass coated in the invisible substance, metal oxide, this glazing system lets in light but cuts down dramatically on heat loss. 

Glass replacement 

If you have older windows that aren’t necessarily equipped with the latest energy-efficient technology design, your windows are letting in drafts and cold air, and as a result, your energy bills are higher as you try to compensate for the heat loss…then it’s time to upgrade. 

Making the most of energy efficient windows is precisely what the team at Alan Carnall are equipped to do.  Offering you a range of solutions as well as qualified glaziers on hand to answer all of your questions as well as an emergency window glass repair service, we positive we can help with it all. 

Make sure your home is making the most of its energy efficiency, make the first step by installing and improving the energy efficiency of your windows. 

Call 0113 256 8008 

Tips for replacing glass windows for home security

Window panes canunfortunately, become damaged for many reasons.  You could have been the victim of a break-in where the intruder has smashed the window to gain entry; there could have been a stray cricket ball accidentally thrown through your window, causing it to shatter and break; a small crack which has decided to get bigger is now causing you problems; and even bad weather, etc. all have an effect on windows. 

Tips for replacing glass windows for home security 

No matter what the reason, the main thing is that you look to replace the broken glass in question as soon as possible to keep your property protected and maintain the security of your home. 

Carrying out replacement glass services straight away also saves you a lot of time and money in the long run, as leaving things until they get worse means just that, they get worse; with often frames being affected as well as the surrounding window area, let alone the risk of further accident or injury to others. 

However, there’s more to replacement glass and emergency glazing then you might think.  In this post, we’ll be providing some valuable tips to make sure your home security stays priority, as well as some hints on how to protect your home even further. 

Tips for replacing glass windows

Replacing windows is no small feat, and we would always recommend calling an emergency glazing company in such circumstances. 

However, to know what and how such companies do what they do and if you are looking at a DIY job, then the tips below will certainly help! 

  1. Make sure to remove all broken glass safely.  Clear away and remove any glass which is lying in the immediate area and area which you will be working in to avoid further injuries, and always make sure to wear protective gloves!  Once everything is set up appropriately, look to remove each broken piece of glass individually, before removing the frame completely (this stops glass falling out of the frame when you move it causing more damage).  At this stage, you may also have to use a jack-knife or a chisel to help chip away at the putty which is holding the frame in place, for the frame to come out whole. 
  2. Removing the putty.  Removing the putty from the old window and frame is important to ensure the new unit can be installed correctly.  If the putty is proving difficult to move, apply a little heat to soften and use the point of your knife or chisel to go around the frame, removing any remaining or stray bits of putty and debris.  You want the surface where you will fit the replacement glass to be as smooth as possible. 
  3. If you have older frames, oil them!  If you’re simply replacing the glass but not the frame, make sure to use Linseed oil on all parts of the wood around the frame.  Letting it soak into the wood before you continue. Linseed oil helps to increase the lifespan of the putty, so in return helps to keep your window pane in place without problems for longer! 
  4. Make sure only to apply a thin layer of putty.  After removing all of the broken glass and old putty, use a thin layer of new putty around the frame ready for the new window pane.  A thin layer is more than enough for the glass to be securely installed, preventing any air from getting through. 

These tips are not exhaustive but do provide the basics of emergency glazing services.  If in doubt, please call a professional emergency glazing team who can reach you asap and at a time that is best for you. 

Hints for increasing the security of your windows

To help reinforce your windows so potential burglars can’t get in check out our suggestions below. 

  1. Use a protective film. Some homes, as well as businesses, are now investing in protective films to cover their windows, protecting them from being smashed or shattered.  These films can be hung from both single and double glazing, instantly turning them into break-in resistant windows.
  2. Use tinted film.  Tinted films are sometimes used to stop prying eyes and people from looking into your premises.  
  3. Consider security roller shutters. Slightly more cost-effective then films, security roller shutters, and window security laminates can be installed to your windows to ultimately break-proof them!
  4. Use window security screens. These are similar to insect screens but much stronger and usually made of steel.  These screens stand up well against excessive force.
  5. Install, smash proof window glass – (yes there is such a thing!)  Making homes more secure, reinforce your windows to avoid your home being a target for a break-in. 
  6. Invest in quality window locks.  Upgrading your original locks or adding secondary locks to windows helps to make them not only robust but 100% secure.  Sash locks and deadbolts are the most common additional locking mechanism added to windows. 

If you think of any further questions or would like any advice on emergency glazing services and replacement glass services, contact the experts at Alan Carnall. 

We provide a 24-hour emergency glass replacement service, on hand to give you the peace of mind and security that you deserve. 

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Emergency Glazing, The Benefits

There is so much more to emergency glazing than meets the eye.  With more and more people looking at cost-effective solutions and alternative techniques for replacing and upgrading all of their windows and doors, emergency glazing is the technique that is providing these solutions.

Top Benefits Associated with Emergency Glazing

In this post, we’re going to look at why emergency glazing has grown over recent years and what the benefits of such a technique are.

Associated Benefits

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s value or sale potential, then it’s time to consider emergency glazing as a cost-effective way to offer your home the upgrade, increased

security and modernisation that it needs.

Emergency Glazing also…

…Helps reduce noise pollution in the home.

Proven to reduce noise in the home by 80%, this staggeringly high figure is certainly one to be taken seriously and most importantly something to bear in mind if you’re living in a highly populated area, near traffic hot spots, etc.

Suffering from noise pollution no longer has to be a problem, with the installation of emergency glazed windows.

…Enhances thermal efficiency.

In essence, if you want to save money on your energy bills (and who doesn’t) look to install emergency glazing.  This is due to this glazing contributing to reducing how much heat we lose from our homes. As windows are the primary source of heat loss, emergency glazing can provide that additional layer and tight-knit seals to keep your home warm during those colder months hence helping to reduce your energy bills.

…Saves you money.

Emergency glazing is cost-effective in comparison to replacing original windows as it doesn’t require entirely new units just the installation of additional units on the inner side of the existing window panes – easy!

It is also not subject to building regulations and can avoid the lengthy process of building control (however, an approved procedure may still be required in some cases, always check with a trusted installer first).

…Boosts your security.

Emergency glazing can, and should, be thought of as an additional barrier to prevent

criminals from entering your property.  Adding an extra glass layer of security, as well as taking into consideration toughened glass, make your home as safe and secure as it needs to be to give you complete peace of mind.

…Takes the environment into consideration.

With the impact we as individuals have on the environment a big topic for discussion across all sectors, it’s good to know that using emergency glazing plays its part in being environmentally friendly.


Through its thermal efficiency offering, the fact that the aluminium used in UPVC method usage takes less amount of fuel, and it also doesn’t encourage throwing away old units, but rather using existing units and adding to these.

…Takes our health into consideration.

With tight seals and providing an additional barrier of protection, emergency glazing helps to stop draughts, rattles, pollen, dust and more from getting into your home and affecting you and your family’s health.

…Controls condensation.

Condensation is one of the biggest problems homeowners incur with their windows.  However, emergency glazing helps to eliminate this as panes of glass can be easily removed and placed back again, re-sealing the area and checking and clearing for any damage, dirt or debris, etc. which could be causing the problem.

Emergency glazing shouldn’t just be considered in an emergency, we can, and we should think of it as a cost-effective solution to upgrading our homes!

Offering a whole host of benefits, now is the time to find a company whom you can rely on and trust to make sure you reap the rewards.

Emergency glaziers at your service.

Alan Carnall in Leeds is a local company who has been offering emergency glazing services for many years.

We too understand the benefits that such a technique offers and as well as the above benefits we also know that emergency glazing is easy to maintain and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.  It really is a great cost-effective technique.

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When do you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service?

Every situation is different, and when it comes to needing an emergency glass repair service, this might be something you need day or night, at any time over 24 hours.

You can’t prepare for a broken window, and unfortunately, these instances often happen when we least expect it.

However, when they do happen, you need a repair company you can trust.  Trust to be able to act with speed and offer the quality of service that puts your mind at rest, solving glass repair problems quickly and effectively, offering you and your property complete protection.

When do you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service 

But when might you need to call an emergency glass repair service?

There are many situations where we recommend you call an emergency glazier asap.

These include:

During the Winter

Picture the scene, a snowball fight has commenced between you and the kids and everyone is going crazy, however rather than a soft snowball, a piece of ice wrapped around the stone is soon thrown, hitting your window and smash – you not only see the break you hear it.

A ball through the window at any time of year is terrible, but during the winter because of the

Weather conditions and drop in temperature, it can be dangerous.  No one wants to let the cold into their homes, let alone freezing temperatures, so you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service immediately.

The team on call will be able to assess the damage, boarding up the window in question securely and tightly so no cold can get through, and come back at a time that is convenient to you with the replacement glass.

Office Windows

Everyone likes to work in a nice office environment.  It’s where the majority of us spend our week, so we want it to be not only clean and tidy but safe and secure too.

If you have a broken office window which goes unrepaired, you can leave yourself wide open to criminals and potential break-ins as it becomes easy to access into your property.

As a manager or business owner, you also want to be seen by your staff to take such matters as broken windows seriously and have repairs carried out asap, keeping your business premises secure and your employees safe.

Renting or Selling Property

If you’re a landlord or property owner, then it does fall within your remit to maintain the conditions of your property, and this includes repairing and replacing any broken windows.

Repairing broken glass should also be taken into consideration if you’re looking to rent or sell your property.  As potential tenants and buyers are inspecting your property, one thing that can be sure to put them off is a broken glass window or door that you never got around to replacing.

Make sure you get repairs done quickly and don’t miss out on those opportunities to close the deal.

Summer Months

We’ve covered why it’s essential to replace broken glass in winter due to the cold weather, but the opposite is also true for the summer.  A broken window pane can make closing and opening windows impossible, and with not everyone having air conditioning units installed, letting some air into your property during summer is a must – make sure you call an emergency window repair service as soon as possible.


Ok, yes in some instances it has been their football or cricket ball that has caused the damage in the first place but when this does happen you have to act fast.  No one wants glass or debris left lying around and most certainly until the window or door in question is appropriately boarded up it is also extremely dangerous.

Call an emergency glazing company asap to avoid further damage and a worse accident from happening.

What to do in an emergency glass situation?

Every situation is different, however below are a handful of useful points to remember,

covering the basics of broken glass.

1. Assess the situation

How has the glass broken in the first place?  Has it been an attempted break-in, burglary, football through the window, or a small crack which has now decided to get bigger?

2. Call the right people

After assessing the situation make sure you call the right people, for example, if it is a break-in or burglary make sure to contact the police immediately.  Then look to contact your insurance company to start the claims process, and thirdly make sure to call the team at Alan Carnall to help with boarding up and emergency glazing.

3. Make sure to take photos

this isn’t so you can remember the incident but rather to support your insurance claim.

4. Let Alan Carnall secure your premises

with our boarding up service, putting your mind at ease that no further damage is incurred.

5. Make sure to clear away any broken glass and debris and dispose of everything appropriately.

We organising with the emergency glazing team a time to return with the replacement glass required.

Being in business for many years and having a team who are trained and qualified to the highest standards means Alan Carnall are ready to help you in any situation.

We help to secure businesses immediately after a break-in, allowing you to continue operating smoothly.  On call and available day or night, our prices are extremely competitive, offering a boarding up service as well as storefront window repairs and replacements like no other.

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