Emergency Glaziers Tips on your Window Glass Replacement

There are innumerable benefits to replacing the windows in your property with increased energy efficiency and heightened performance being two of the main highlights. 

However, when looking into replacement windows, there is a lot to consider, including whether you replace the window in its entirety, or instead strip and install window films. 

window glass replacement tips

Knowing your options and understanding what best suits your needs and your home’s requirements is vital. 

In this post, the team at Alan Carnall have pulled together some of our top tips and things to check when it comes to replacing windows. 

Our top tips on window glass replacement 

Replacing your windows can be done for several reasons, and you don’t have to wait until your window reaches the end of its life before you look to replace it. 

Modern windows now have a lifespan of anywhere between 15 and 20 years, with vinyl windows coming with a guarantee of between 20 and 25! 

Providing you look after and properly maintain your windows, the average lifespan we would estimate to be around 20 years. This is to guarantee full performance and maximum efficiency. 

Signs you need to replace your windows 

You have a cracked or damaged pane. 

Any damage to your windows should be seen to immediately. Leaving it, or forgetting about it until it gets worse, only leads to further damage, complications, and cost. Often a glass repair can be carried out depending on the severity of the crack or damage. However, if the frame around the window is damaged, the entire unit will need to be replaced as the overall windows performance will be negatively affected. 

Condensation is appearing on the glass. 

Condensation is a common problem found with double glazing. Condensation occurs when there is a small crack in the seal, and condensation becomes trapped between the panes of glass. It also occurs when the gas between the double glazing begins to leak, again because of a gap or break in the seal. When this happens, a replacement window is an option. 

You have large energy bills. 

Replacing old single-pane windows with double glazing and energy star certified products can make a world of difference when it comes to helping lower your energy bills. 

Window frames aren’t up to standard. 

Over the years, window frames and sills can suffer from everyday wear and tear. Regularly checking frames is essential, as if you come across a soft frame, you will need to replace it asap. Just because the window itself seems fine and in good working order, if the frame begins to crumble further, your window could cause much more damage and chaos. 

The window is sticking. 

If your window is sticking when opening and closing, quite often this can be a simple window repair and an adjustment of the frame and mechanism.  However, we’d always recommend checking with a professional in the first instance. 

Shattered Windows. 

Shattered windows can be a different matter entirely and depending on how they have come to be shattered depends on what course of action you take. 

If your window has been broken or shattered by a storm or an accident at home i.e., flying football, then the first thing to do is keep everyone away from the area in question. 

Keeping everyone safe and away from any shards of glass helps to avoid any unnecessary accidents from happening. 

If you’re able to, clear away as much glass as possible and discard of this appropriately. Then call an emergency glazier. 

A professional glazing company who is available 24/7 and who also provide a full boarding up service. 

However, if your window has been damaged due to a break-in or vandals, speak to the police asap. 

You will then need to document all damage, as well as take photos of any shattered windows. 

This will all be essential for your insurance company to allow you to make a valid claim. 

Again, make sure to call an emergency glass repair company to provide you with an emergency boarding up service. 

Protecting your property and keeping it safe at all times is vital, and you need a company whom you can rely on and trust, a team that can be with you asap in emergencies. 

You need the team at Alan Carnall. 

At Alan Carnall, we understand that your windows provide security to your home, as well as fresh air and natural light. Having window repairs carried out asap and replacing windows when necessary should be a top priority for homeowners, and our team are only too happy to help. 

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