What you need to know about glazing repairs and replacements

Glazing can and is so much more than just a pane of glass which we look through. 

Glazing and the different types of glazing now available, can provide you with things such as heightened security, solar control, thermal efficiency, increased noise barriers and protection, better aesthetics, and so much more. 

What you need to know about glazing repairs and replacements

This is all achieved through one sustainable source, glass. 

But, to streamline the glazing repair and glass replacement process, there are things to take into consideration. 

Points to consider

Where is the glass for?  Depending on where the glass is for will depend on what glazing solutions are most appropriate.  For example, glass on ground floors may have to contain more safety elements (such as toughened glass), or it might even have to be laminated depending on what type of building it is for. 

Maintaining Standards.  Check with the glazers that you use about their standards, as glazing manufacturers and installers all must adhere to strict industry guidelines.  These standards ensure that if checks were to be carried out the glass installed would be identified as fit for purpose, carry the right level of strength for placement and they would be tested for integrity. 

Energy efficiency – a big consideration for anyone looking to replace their double glazing or install new.  Ultimately, glass replacement should meet or indeed exceed the performance of any old windows or damaged ones.  The installation methods used should improve energy performance, making sure that all seals are fitted securely, and no air or drafts can escape or indeed get in.  (Energy efficiency glass also comes in a range of styles and types, and it is worth speaking to the installation team about your options). 

Condensation issues.  If you’re looking to replace and repair windows due to condensation issues, then you wouldn’t be alone!  Condensation is one of the biggest reasons for emergency window glass repair. To avoid such problems continuing this needs to be managed during the replacement project, as premature failure of the window itself can happen if sufficient attention isn’t given. 

Do you require structural support?  It’s important to note that some windows can only be replaced when others have been removed from their positions, while others can be completed when the window is still in place.  You need to know which method is being used so that the structural stability of your windows isn’t compromised. 

Costs.  After considering everything and weighing up your options when it comes to the different types of double glazing available, it’s essential to make sure to get an estimate for any work carried out.  Whether this is emergency glazing for repairs or installation of replacement windows, it’s important to know how much such work is going to cost. 

Repair and Replacement Challenges

Repairing and replacing windows comes with challenges; these include: 

  • Working at height – Health and Safety must be top priority and teams must be appropriately trained to deal with all working at height equipment and tools 
  • Weather conditions – installers will need to monitor forecasts and plan appropriately.  The angle and position of windows will also need to be considered. For example, are windows sheltered or completely exposed to the elements?  The answer to this question will guide the different requirements for what glazing system will be required, for example, are water resistant sealers required or will standard sealers suffice? 
  • Access and traffic management.  Depending on the property and where the windows are situated you may have to think about managing traffic and potential hazards to the general public.  Think about if you need to close roads, manage traffic, are you able to work outside of regular trading hours to cause minimal disruption, etc. 

Guiding you through the process

There are differences in the glass.  These are very subtle, but they are there.  Things like colour transition, reflection and neutrality are all important features to bear in mind, especially if just one glass pane needs to be replaced and needs to match in with existing windows. 

At Alan Carnall, we can guide you through this process, working with you to identify the best glazing solutions for you. 

We’re experienced in handling a range of complex situations, we make windows safe, secure and accessible, getting the right specifications customised for your home. 

We’re also here for you in all of your emergency glazing needs.  So, call our Leeds office now on 0113 256 8008 and see how we can help you. 

– Reference Video: GardenFork

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