Choosing the right glazing company for you

Choosing the right windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, anything to do with glazing – requires careful consideration when it comes to replacement glass, upgrading or installing new. 

You need to think about style, design, energy efficiency and more! 

It’s also not just about new windows and doors either; you need to find a company that can also offer you glass replacement services and in some instances emergency window glass repairs!  

Choosing the right glazing company for you

To help you with all of this and more you need to use a company you can trust and rely on, as trust us, replacing windows or certainly installing new is no small task. 

Things to ask and research when looking for a good glazing company

Check their financials!  Ok, so we’re not saying start an investigation into the firm you’re considering using, but it is worth checking their financial standing by checking reviews online, speaking with previous customers if possible, do they have a high public profile – have you heard of them before, what is their history?  Do they belong to any professional trade bodies or have worked for any large or local clients etc. All of these questions and more fall into this category and can put your mind at rest with the company you’re choosing to work with. 

What are their company values/promises?  Do they have any?  Is this something they publicise, i.e. that they provide exceptional customer service, their teams are all fully trained to the highest standard, etc.  These people are coming into your home either as an emergency glazier or carrying out a full installation of new windows. Either way, you have to know you can trust them. 

How do they respond to your questions and queries?  Do they put your best interests first providing you with the right solutions, or do they do the hard sell?  You need to look at their expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. How they respond to your questions will provide you with everything you need to know. 

Check cancellation policies.  Most glazing companies will have what is known as a “cooling off” period, which is usually around 14 days, giving you the right to change your mind and opt out of any agreements you have made.  Make sure you read all of the contracts and terms and conditions before you sign on the dotted line.  

What guarantees or warranties will you receive?  What guarantees are you provided with that the double-glazing work you’ve had carried out is insured if something goes wrong within the first 6months, for example?  You need to have complete peace of mind and working with a reputable company will help provide you with this. 

Don’t be put off

There’s more to choosing a glazing company than meets the eye, and quite often people can be put off from getting work done due to bad experiences reported by others, rumours and more. 

We’re here to tell you don’t be.  Don’t be put off by the volume of products available to choose from, pushy salesman, too good to be true discounts, fear that the installation will go wrong, negative perception of double-glazing firms, etc, etc! 

Glazing companies and in particular emergency glaziers are on hand to help and support you. Providing you with the best solutions suited to your requirements. 

But, to help you avoid those pushy salespeople further you could also consider checking: 

  • How long the company been trading for. 
  • Are the fitters/installers employed or subcontracted? (subcontracted can mean that sometimes anyone can be used without being properly vetted and checked) 
  • Do the sales team work on commission only? (This can help determine how pushy they will be) 
  • Are windows manufactured in the UK? 
  • Do they have a showroom you could look around? 
  • Do they have any trade body membership? 

Buy double glazing with confidence…

With Alan Carnall, Leeds, we offer our customers, the best advice, service, and products around.  We’re on hand for all glass replacements as well as providing the best emergency glazing in Leeds. 

Ultimately when it comes to choosing the right glazing company for you, take your time, get quotes and get options. 

Call Alan Carnall today on 0113 256 8008. 

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