Emergency Glaziers Tips on your Window Glass Replacement

There are innumerable benefits to replacing the windows in your property with increased energy efficiency and heightened performance being two of the main highlights.  However, when looking into replacement windows, there is a lot to consider, including whether you replace the window in its entirety, or instead strip and install window films.  Knowing your options and […]

Boarding up window service in Leeds

Alan Carnall has been called out to provide a boarding up service to numerous residential and commercial properties in Leeds for many years.  Whether you’re looking to board up a glass entrance, shop front, a window in your home, shattered or toughened glass, and more – the team at Alan Carnall can make your property […]

Emergency glazing service in Bradford

Over the summer months, the team at Alan Carnall have been carrying out numerous emergency glazing repairs throughout Bradford.  Taking care of anything from stray cricket balls and footballs accidentally taking a wrong turn hitting a window, from shop fronts fallen victim to vandals, to break-ins and potential break-ins where windows have been damaged – […]

How to keep birds from hitting windows

Not something we like to think about when looking out of our windows, but birds hitting windows is, unfortunately, a “thing.”   Of course, it’s also the one thing that unfortunately you’re not going to be able to completely, 100% prevent.   However, there are some tricks and areas to consider when analysing windows and doors and indeed, when […]

How to choose a trusted window glass repair company

There are numerous window and door companies across the UK nowadays, each one boasting that they are indeed the best.  However, unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone is, and you can often find yourself with a not so great job being carried out, all for a very high price.  When choosing new windows and […]

Window Repairs vs. Window Replacements

From the outset, it may seem obvious when we talk about repairing something as opposed to replacing it.  For example, when something needs repairing, the general consensus is that it can be fixed. Whereas replacements come into play when things can’t be fixed at all and need to be replaced entirely.  However, when it comes […]

Know your double glazing

When it comes to double glazing, the well–known two panes of glass combined together have grown over the years to now be considered industry standard technology that can provide homeowners with a whole host of benefits.  However, double glazing didn’t really become a “thing” in the UK until the 70s, when unsurprisingly the rise in energy prices […]

Ins and Outs of Double Glazing

Choosing the right glazing company for you

Choosing the right windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, anything to do with glazing – requires careful consideration when it comes to replacement glass, upgrading or installing new.  You need to think about style, design, energy efficiency and more!  It’s also not just about new windows and doors either; you need to find a company that can […]