Choosing the right glazing company for you

Choosing the right windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, anything to do with glazing – requires careful consideration when it comes to replacement glass, upgrading or installing new.  You need to think about style, design, energy efficiency and more!  It’s also not just about new windows and doors either; you need to find a company that can […]

What you need to know about glazing repairs and replacements

Glazing can and is so much more than just a pane of glass which we look through.  Glazing and the different types of glazing now available, can provide you with things such as heightened security, solar control, thermal efficiency, increased noise barriers and protection, better aesthetics, and so much more.  This is all achieved through […]

Time to replace your double glazing?

Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever and for all good quality fitted windows may stand the test of time, accidents, as well as long periods of time passing, can make circumstances change.  Windows fulfill a functional purpose – they let in air and light, they keep homes secure, free from drafts and block out any noise from outside.  […]

Making the most of energy efficient windows

A known industry statistic is that 10% of household heat is lost through windows.  That’s an awful lot of wastage, and with rising energy bills, can you really afford to lose this amount, when you can act now, making changes to preserve and increase energy efficiencies in your home?  If you’re concerned that your windows […]

Tips for replacing glass windows for home security

Window panes can, unfortunately, become damaged for many reasons.  You could have been the victim of a break-in where the intruder has smashed the window to gain entry; there could have been a stray cricket ball accidentally thrown through your window, causing it to shatter and break; a small crack which has decided to get bigger […]

Emergency Glazing, The Benefits

There is so much more to emergency glazing than meets the eye.  With more and more people looking at cost-effective solutions and alternative techniques for replacing and upgrading all of their windows and doors, emergency glazing is the technique that is providing these solutions. In this post, we’re going to look at why emergency glazing […]

When do you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service?

Every situation is different, and when it comes to needing an emergency glass repair service, this might be something you need day or night, at any time over 24 hours. You can’t prepare for a broken window, and unfortunately, these instances often happen when we least expect it. However, when they do happen, you need […]

Tips to Choose Aluminium Windows for Your Home

Why choose Aluminium?  If you’re an eighties child, you’ll probably have some not so fond memories of aluminium doors and windows. Back then, it was fairly new material to work with, and function was emphasised over style. Unfortunately, aluminium windows were not all that functional either. But don’t let that put you off. Aluminium windows for home use have come a long way since the old days. Now they’re a stylish, strong […]

Storefronts vs. Curtain Wall

Curtainwalls and storefronts are both facades that are designed to provide daylight and allow you to see the outdoors while protecting you from the elements. While they perform similar functions, these systems have some differences that make them suitable for different applications.  For example, curtain wall systems are ideal for large, multi-story buildings while storefront systems […]