How to keep birds from hitting windows

Birds and your windowsNot something we like to think about when looking out of our windows, but birds hitting windows is, unfortunately, a “thing.”  

Of course, it’s also the one thing that unfortunately you’re not going to be able to completely, 100% prevent.  

However, there are some tricks and areas to consider when analysing windows and doors and indeed, when looking at window glass replacements. The team at Alan Carnall are always on hand to help answer any questions, as well as carry out any window glass repairs that are required asap.  

In this post, we look at the different window options available to you, as well as some tips on how to protect your windows and the birds at the same time. 

What type of window is right? 

Ultimately, this depends on the look and style that you want and the functionality that you require, more than what birds are flying around your area (although we do still consider this). 

For example, wood-framed windows for all considered a little dated nowadays, still provide a more natural look to the overall aesthetics of a property. 

UPVC however, is the most common option, chosen for its strength and durability, as well as the updated and modern feel it brings with it. 

However, it’s not all about frames. 

Once you’ve decided on the right frame material for you, you then have a choice of either single or double glazing. 

We’d always recommend double glazing due to the energy-saving benefits that it can provide. Not only this but double glazing also provides better soundproofing and is tougher if say a stray bird did accidentally take a wrong turn into your window. 

Then there are openings. When it comes to how you want your windows to open, you have many different choices. Of course, depending on what you require and also where the window is placed, will all depend on what type is most suitable for you. 

For example, casement style windows are where the window opens with a crank, allowing you to open the window outwards. 

Whereas, awning style window frames are hinged at the top, however,  also like casement windows they also open outwards; and Hopper style windows are hinged from the bottom and provide the option of opening both inwards and outwards, (these types of windows are most commonly found in basements, etc.). 

Why should you replace your windows (and it’s not just because of birds)? 

One of the main, and probably the biggest reason people choose to replace their windows is for better energy efficiency. 

Upgrading your windows can help to improve air quality, limit the heat from escaping and cold air getting in, ultimately saving on energy costs all round. 

The second most significant reason for window glass replacement is broken windows and general wear and tear. 

Unfortunately, accidents do happen; and believe us when we say, a broken pane of glass is not the end of the world. 

Most professional window companies can replace glass panes asap without the need to replace the frame or the entire unit. This, in turn, makes glass replacement and glass repair services more cost-effective than what you might first think. 

Specific measures to stop birds hitting windows 

If you’ve just had new windows fitted and you want to protect them from the odd stray bird, there are a few simple things you can do to protect your windows further. 

  1. Apply strips of tape to the outside of the windows – this makes the glass seem less like an open passageway. 
  2. Put bird decals on the outside surface – known to reflect ultraviolet sunlight and help stop birds from crashing directly into windows. 
  3. Place film on the outside of the window – again making windows slightly more obscure. 
  4. Add window screens or a net 
  5. Install shutters or sunshades – which also have the additional benefit of shading households and providing extra home security. 

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