Boarding up window service in Leeds

Alan Carnall has been called out to provide a boarding up service to numerous residential and commercial properties in Leeds for many years. 

Whether you’re looking to board up a glass entrance, shop front, a window in your home, shattered or toughened glass, and more – the team at Alan Carnall can make your property 100% safe and secure. 

Boarding up window service leeds

Working with local authorities, residents, and businesses in Leeds, our boarding up service is used when: 

  • You have found yourself a victim of vandalism 
  • You’re closing down a shop 
  • Property is vacant, and you wish to keep intruders out 
  • You’re missing a windowpane, or you’re in the midst of replacing your windows 
  • Accidents happen! 

A local business on call 24/7. 

Have you got a broken glass window in Leeds that needs immediate attention? 

Call Alan Carnall. 

We can provide you with a boarding up service that protects your property AND return with replacement glass ready to install at a time that is convenient for you. 

Our boarding up service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year! 

Benefits of boarding up your windows 

  • Protection – you can have complete peace of mind that these boards aren’t going anywhere. Keeping your property safe and secure until replacement glass can be installed. 
  • Installation of new glass – you get to choose the type of new glazing you would like to have installed. This is an excellent opportunity to explore your options. For example, could you consider toughened glass or maybe even triple glazing? 
  • All broken glass is removed and cleared away, keeping your property and the surrounding area safe and free from any potential accidents and injuries occurring. 
  • Boards act as deterrents. A boarded-up window acts as a bigger deterrent to opportunists than an already broken window will. 

At Alan Carnall, we also use anti-tamper screws to fix all boards in place, and we work across a range of properties. 

Boarding up Leeds 

Renowned for being the go-to boarding up company in Leeds, Alan Carnall can provide not just top-class boarding, but the team will also measure, order, supply, and fit the new glazing once it arrives. 

We advise everyone not to leave broken glass unattended. This only has the potential to cause injury, attract thieves, vandals, and opportunists further. 

Our services are essential for a variety of businesses and homes when it comes to preventing such activity. 

Using strong timbers and superior plywood boards, we’re with you in all emergency boarding up situations, ensuring your property is secure enough to withstand any further damage. 

Reasons to board up windows 

  • A flying object has hit your window, and shattered/broke the glass 
  • A building is due to be demolished but needs protecting until such a time 
  • You need to protect your windows from extreme weather conditions and storm damage 
  • You need additional support for damaged frames 
  • To prevent squatters and unwanted intruders from entering the vacant property 
  • You are installing a new storefront and need a temporary solution until the big reveal 
  • You’re experiencing glazing problems 
  • You have planning issues 
  • You have unfortunately fallen victim to burglary 

We’re here to offer you the best and most comprehensive service in Leeds with our fast but effective cover-up solutions. 

Equipped with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to carry out any job, call us on 0113 256 8008 

Here to support our local community. 

Emergency board up services matched with exceptional customer service Alan Carnall. 

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