Window Repairs vs. Window Replacements

Window repair and replacementFrom the outset, it may seem obvious when we talk about repairing something as opposed to replacing it.  For example, when something needs repairing, the general consensus is that it can be fixed. Whereas replacements come into play when things can’t be fixed at all and need to be replaced entirely. 

However, when it comes to the glass in your home’s windows, are you 100% confident that you know what can be repaired?  Or indeed what damage would mean replacing windows altogether? 

In this post, we look at different repair and replacement situations, as well as why maintaining your windows helps you in the long run. 

Keeping your windows in tip-top condition 

Carrying out regular maintenance on your windows is essential.  They’re not only the primary source of light into your home, but they’re also the main source of ventilation and provide your home with a high level of security. 

Today, windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  All available to suit different tastes and preferences as well as trends and the styling of your home. 

However, like everything, for windows to continually perform to a high standard, they have to be maintained.  Even those of the highest quality and toughened glass, still require some sort of glass repairs throughout their lifetime. 

Repair or Replace? That is the question 

The decision to repair windows or replace them entirely can come down to a few varying factors: – 

Repair will work when only minor changes or fixes are required.  This is especially the case on new windows that aren’t outdated yet so really don’t need to be replaced if it can be helped. 

Repairs can be carried out (by professionals) when minor or small cracks begin to appear — dealing with them quickly and effectively before they lead to a complete window glass replacement. 

If windows hold condensation or are certainly showing signs, it could mean a break or a gap in the seal around the window.  Removing and replacing new seals around the glass should help to solve this problem instantly. 

Small chips in windows can easily be dealt with if the matter is handled asap.  Using some of the best technologies and materials out, you could avoid a full glass replacement being required. 

Lock holes in windows can often become damaged and worn over time.  Changing and replacing these for new is now possible with the latest and advanced lock holes now available. 

When it comes to replacing windows entirely, this will depend on you and your requirements, as well as the expertise of the team carrying out the work. 

Window glass replacements are carried out when a repair to the glass is just not possible.  For example, if the window is extremely damaged, shattered into a thousand pieces or has a gaping hole through the middle of it – all situations in this instance would warrant the glass being replaced. 

Or maybe your windows are a little outdated, and you’re looking for new styles, better insulation and cost efficiencies found in energy savings? 

Are your windows no longer performing to a high standard, letting in drafts and cold air with warm air escaping? 

Do you currently have only single glazing and now require double glazing to improve your homes energy efficiency? 

Or do you have wooden window frames that have begun to rot and erode due to weather conditions and age, making them no longer repairable? 

In all of these circumstances, window replacement is definitely the best option. 

Window repairs or window replacements are not always at the top of everyone’s priority list, however, as one of the most profound elements within a property, here at Alan Carnall we can’t stress enough the importance of proper care and maintenance. 

Keeping your home safe and secure, as well as helping to reduce your household energy bills is what high quality, top-performing windows can offer. 

At Alan Carnall, we carry out both window glass repairs and replacements in Leeds and throughout the whole of Yorkshire.  Our highly trained teams can also offer you the best solutions and a range of glazing options available to meet your requirements. 

To find out more, make sure to call us on 0113 256 8008

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