Tips for replacing glass windows for home security

Window panes canunfortunately, become damaged for many reasons.  You could have been the victim of a break-in where the intruder has smashed the window to gain entry; there could have been a stray cricket ball accidentally thrown through your window, causing it to shatter and break; a small crack which has decided to get bigger is now causing you problems; and even bad weather, etc. all have an effect on windows. 

Tips for replacing glass windows for home security 

No matter what the reason, the main thing is that you look to replace the broken glass in question as soon as possible to keep your property protected and maintain the security of your home. 

Carrying out replacement glass services straight away also saves you a lot of time and money in the long run, as leaving things until they get worse means just that, they get worse; with often frames being affected as well as the surrounding window area, let alone the risk of further accident or injury to others. 

However, there’s more to replacement glass and emergency glazing then you might think.  In this post, we’ll be providing some valuable tips to make sure your home security stays priority, as well as some hints on how to protect your home even further. 

Tips for replacing glass windows

Replacing windows is no small feat, and we would always recommend calling an emergency glazing company in such circumstances. 

However, to know what and how such companies do what they do and if you are looking at a DIY job, then the tips below will certainly help! 

  1. Make sure to remove all broken glass safely.  Clear away and remove any glass which is lying in the immediate area and area which you will be working in to avoid further injuries, and always make sure to wear protective gloves!  Once everything is set up appropriately, look to remove each broken piece of glass individually, before removing the frame completely (this stops glass falling out of the frame when you move it causing more damage).  At this stage, you may also have to use a jack-knife or a chisel to help chip away at the putty which is holding the frame in place, for the frame to come out whole. 
  2. Removing the putty.  Removing the putty from the old window and frame is important to ensure the new unit can be installed correctly.  If the putty is proving difficult to move, apply a little heat to soften and use the point of your knife or chisel to go around the frame, removing any remaining or stray bits of putty and debris.  You want the surface where you will fit the replacement glass to be as smooth as possible. 
  3. If you have older frames, oil them!  If you’re simply replacing the glass but not the frame, make sure to use Linseed oil on all parts of the wood around the frame.  Letting it soak into the wood before you continue. Linseed oil helps to increase the lifespan of the putty, so in return helps to keep your window pane in place without problems for longer! 
  4. Make sure only to apply a thin layer of putty.  After removing all of the broken glass and old putty, use a thin layer of new putty around the frame ready for the new window pane.  A thin layer is more than enough for the glass to be securely installed, preventing any air from getting through. 

These tips are not exhaustive but do provide the basics of emergency glazing services.  If in doubt, please call a professional emergency glazing team who can reach you asap and at a time that is best for you. 

Hints for increasing the security of your windows

To help reinforce your windows so potential burglars can’t get in check out our suggestions below. 

  1. Use a protective film. Some homes, as well as businesses, are now investing in protective films to cover their windows, protecting them from being smashed or shattered.  These films can be hung from both single and double glazing, instantly turning them into break-in resistant windows.
  2. Use tinted film.  Tinted films are sometimes used to stop prying eyes and people from looking into your premises.  
  3. Consider security roller shutters. Slightly more cost-effective then films, security roller shutters, and window security laminates can be installed to your windows to ultimately break-proof them!
  4. Use window security screens. These are similar to insect screens but much stronger and usually made of steel.  These screens stand up well against excessive force.
  5. Install, smash proof window glass – (yes there is such a thing!)  Making homes more secure, reinforce your windows to avoid your home being a target for a break-in. 
  6. Invest in quality window locks.  Upgrading your original locks or adding secondary locks to windows helps to make them not only robust but 100% secure.  Sash locks and deadbolts are the most common additional locking mechanism added to windows. 

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