When do you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service?

Every situation is different, and when it comes to needing an emergency glass repair service, this might be something you need day or night, at any time over 24 hours.

You can’t prepare for a broken window, and unfortunately, these instances often happen when we least expect it.

However, when they do happen, you need a repair company you can trust.  Trust to be able to act with speed and offer the quality of service that puts your mind at rest, solving glass repair problems quickly and effectively, offering you and your property complete protection.

When do you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service 

But when might you need to call an emergency glass repair service?

There are many situations where we recommend you call an emergency glazier asap.

These include:

During the Winter

Picture the scene, a snowball fight has commenced between you and the kids and everyone is going crazy, however rather than a soft snowball, a piece of ice wrapped around the stone is soon thrown, hitting your window and smash – you not only see the break you hear it.

A ball through the window at any time of year is terrible, but during the winter because of the

Weather conditions and drop in temperature, it can be dangerous.  No one wants to let the cold into their homes, let alone freezing temperatures, so you need to call a 24-hour emergency glass repair service immediately.

The team on call will be able to assess the damage, boarding up the window in question securely and tightly so no cold can get through, and come back at a time that is convenient to you with the replacement glass.

Office Windows

Everyone likes to work in a nice office environment.  It’s where the majority of us spend our week, so we want it to be not only clean and tidy but safe and secure too.

If you have a broken office window which goes unrepaired, you can leave yourself wide open to criminals and potential break-ins as it becomes easy to access into your property.

As a manager or business owner, you also want to be seen by your staff to take such matters as broken windows seriously and have repairs carried out asap, keeping your business premises secure and your employees safe.

Renting or Selling Property

If you’re a landlord or property owner, then it does fall within your remit to maintain the conditions of your property, and this includes repairing and replacing any broken windows.

Repairing broken glass should also be taken into consideration if you’re looking to rent or sell your property.  As potential tenants and buyers are inspecting your property, one thing that can be sure to put them off is a broken glass window or door that you never got around to replacing.

Make sure you get repairs done quickly and don’t miss out on those opportunities to close the deal.

Summer Months

We’ve covered why it’s essential to replace broken glass in winter due to the cold weather, but the opposite is also true for the summer.  A broken window pane can make closing and opening windows impossible, and with not everyone having air conditioning units installed, letting some air into your property during summer is a must – make sure you call an emergency window repair service as soon as possible.


Ok, yes in some instances it has been their football or cricket ball that has caused the damage in the first place but when this does happen you have to act fast.  No one wants glass or debris left lying around and most certainly until the window or door in question is appropriately boarded up it is also extremely dangerous.

Call an emergency glazing company asap to avoid further damage and a worse accident from happening.

What to do in an emergency glass situation?

Every situation is different, however below are a handful of useful points to remember,

covering the basics of broken glass.

1. Assess the situation

How has the glass broken in the first place?  Has it been an attempted break-in, burglary, football through the window, or a small crack which has now decided to get bigger?

2. Call the right people

After assessing the situation make sure you call the right people, for example, if it is a break-in or burglary make sure to contact the police immediately.  Then look to contact your insurance company to start the claims process, and thirdly make sure to call the team at Alan Carnall to help with boarding up and emergency glazing.

3. Make sure to take photos

this isn’t so you can remember the incident but rather to support your insurance claim.

4. Let Alan Carnall secure your premises

with our boarding up service, putting your mind at ease that no further damage is incurred.

5. Make sure to clear away any broken glass and debris and dispose of everything appropriately.

We organising with the emergency glazing team a time to return with the replacement glass required.

Being in business for many years and having a team who are trained and qualified to the highest standards means Alan Carnall are ready to help you in any situation.

We help to secure businesses immediately after a break-in, allowing you to continue operating smoothly.  On call and available day or night, our prices are extremely competitive, offering a boarding up service as well as storefront window repairs and replacements like no other.

Call us today on 0113 256 8008 and see how we can help.