Emergency Glazing, The Benefits

There is so much more to emergency glazing than meets the eye.  With more and more people looking at cost-effective solutions and alternative techniques for replacing and upgrading all of their windows and doors, emergency glazing is the technique that is providing these solutions.

Top Benefits Associated with Emergency Glazing

In this post, we’re going to look at why emergency glazing has grown over recent years and what the benefits of such a technique are.

Associated Benefits

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s value or sale potential, then it’s time to consider emergency glazing as a cost-effective way to offer your home the upgrade, increased

security and modernisation that it needs.

Emergency Glazing also…

…Helps reduce noise pollution in the home.

Proven to reduce noise in the home by 80%, this staggeringly high figure is certainly one to be taken seriously and most importantly something to bear in mind if you’re living in a highly populated area, near traffic hot spots, etc.

Suffering from noise pollution no longer has to be a problem, with the installation of emergency glazed windows.

…Enhances thermal efficiency.

In essence, if you want to save money on your energy bills (and who doesn’t) look to install emergency glazing.  This is due to this glazing contributing to reducing how much heat we lose from our homes. As windows are the primary source of heat loss, emergency glazing can provide that additional layer and tight-knit seals to keep your home warm during those colder months hence helping to reduce your energy bills.

…Saves you money.

Emergency glazing is cost-effective in comparison to replacing original windows as it doesn’t require entirely new units just the installation of additional units on the inner side of the existing window panes – easy!

It is also not subject to building regulations and can avoid the lengthy process of building control (however, an approved procedure may still be required in some cases, always check with a trusted installer first).

…Boosts your security.

Emergency glazing can, and should, be thought of as an additional barrier to prevent

criminals from entering your property.  Adding an extra glass layer of security, as well as taking into consideration toughened glass, make your home as safe and secure as it needs to be to give you complete peace of mind.

…Takes the environment into consideration.

With the impact we as individuals have on the environment a big topic for discussion across all sectors, it’s good to know that using emergency glazing plays its part in being environmentally friendly.


Through its thermal efficiency offering, the fact that the aluminium used in UPVC method usage takes less amount of fuel, and it also doesn’t encourage throwing away old units, but rather using existing units and adding to these.

…Takes our health into consideration.

With tight seals and providing an additional barrier of protection, emergency glazing helps to stop draughts, rattles, pollen, dust and more from getting into your home and affecting you and your family’s health.

…Controls condensation.

Condensation is one of the biggest problems homeowners incur with their windows.  However, emergency glazing helps to eliminate this as panes of glass can be easily removed and placed back again, re-sealing the area and checking and clearing for any damage, dirt or debris, etc. which could be causing the problem.

Emergency glazing shouldn’t just be considered in an emergency, we can, and we should think of it as a cost-effective solution to upgrading our homes!

Offering a whole host of benefits, now is the time to find a company whom you can rely on and trust to make sure you reap the rewards.

Emergency glaziers at your service.

Alan Carnall in Leeds is a local company who has been offering emergency glazing services for many years.

We too understand the benefits that such a technique offers and as well as the above benefits we also know that emergency glazing is easy to maintain and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.  It really is a great cost-effective technique.

If you have any questions and you would like to find out more, as well as receive a free, no obligation quote from the experts in emergency glazing, contact a member of our team today on 0113 256 8008, we’d be happy to help.