Making the most of energy efficient windows

A known industry statistic is that 10% of household heat is lost through windows.  That’s an awful lot of wastage, and with rising energy bills, can you really afford to lose this amount, when you can act now, making changes to preserve and increase energy efficiencies in your home? 

If you’re concerned that your windows have become unreliable at storing energy then call the emergency glass repair specialists in Leeds, Alan Carnall. 

Utilse Energy More efficiently with Double Glazing in Leeds

Not only can we help you in all emergencies, but we can also work with you and your home, providing you with a range of window options, ensuring that as much energy generated from your boiler stays indoors, with windows that are made to last. 

Using energy more effectively 

People are now more aware than ever when it comes to how energy efficient their home is.  With energy efficiency ratings now being provided, it’s important to know where your home currently sits on this scale and how to improve this, if necessary. 

The energy efficiency system ranges from A++ to C, with A++ being most efficient.  These ratings are generated by considering the entire window (glazing and frame) and have been developed by the British Federation Rating Council. 

From this rating, a u-value is then provided.  This refers to how easily heat can pass through the unit.  The higher the value, the easier the heat can pass through and the less efficient your windows are. 

How energy efficient windows can help 

Energy efficient glazing does exactly what it says on the pane; it helps to keep heat inside your home. 

Working alongside other energy efficient methods (such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, energy efficient heating systems, etc.) energy efficient windows can help you: – 

  • Improve your energy efficiency 
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Reduce noise pollution 
  • Improve thermal insulation 
  • Reduce condensation 
  • Provide additional safety and security 
  • Provide cost savings 
  • Offer a more comfortable living environment 
  • Increase your home’s value. 


Because energy efficient windows are double glazed windows consisting of a framing material where the glass seal units are fitted. 

The double glazing itself consists of two panes of glass with a small space in-between, this space helps to create a barrier which stops the heat escaping from your home.  That and the fact that space is also filled with inert, non-toxic gas, (most common is Argon gas, due to it being cost-effective, colourless, non-flammable, and non-reactive to other gases), effectively helping to reduce heat loss from properties. 

When approximately 25% of the gas has escaped, the thermal performance of your windows will start to reduce – this will happen over time and many years. 

Add value to your home by choosing the perfect double glazing for you 

Energy efficient windows come in a variety of styles, such as sash windows, casement windows, tilt, and turns and bay windows.  Offering your choice as well as flexibility.  

Choosing windows that complement your home and keep in with the character of the property is key. 

UPVC also offers the most value for money due to its robust composition; it doesn’t require as much maintenance, such as painting, like its wooden counterparts.; and UPVC also fits perfectly and more securely in place, removing any unwanted drafts. 

There’s also the option of installing low emissivity glass, which is the most energy efficient glazing system currently available.  With one of the internal panes of glass coated in the invisible substance, metal oxide, this glazing system lets in light but cuts down dramatically on heat loss. 

Glass replacement 

If you have older windows that aren’t necessarily equipped with the latest energy-efficient technology design, your windows are letting in drafts and cold air, and as a result, your energy bills are higher as you try to compensate for the heat loss…then it’s time to upgrade. 

Making the most of energy efficient windows is precisely what the team at Alan Carnall are equipped to do.  Offering you a range of solutions as well as qualified glaziers on hand to answer all of your questions as well as an emergency window glass repair service, we positive we can help with it all. 

Make sure your home is making the most of its energy efficiency, make the first step by installing and improving the energy efficiency of your windows. 

Call 0113 256 8008 

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