Time to replace your double glazing?

Unfortunately, not everything lasts forever and for all good quality fitted windows may stand the test of time, accidents, as well as long periods of time passing, can make circumstances change. 

Windows fulfill a functional purpose – they let in air and light, they keep homes secure, free from drafts and block out any noise from outside. 

Time to replace your double glazing

However, windows do need to be looked after to maintain these features and the longevity of their lifespan, and in some cases, it may be time to look at replacing your windows sooner than you think! 

Reasons to change your windows

Windows no longer open or shut properly.  This is not only a huge inconvenience to you, but it’s also a Health and Safety hazard if you let it continue.  If your windows no longer close properly or indeed they can no longer be opened due to a variety of reasons, it’s time to look at more suitable options. 

Visible damage.  Wear and tear around window frames need to be monitored, and most importantly windows replaced when cracks begin to show.  These cracks can allow for mould and damp to set in, as well as look unsightly both inside and out. It’s essential to address any damage with frames and windows asap and let the professional glaziers get to work! 

Single pane.  If you currently have a single pane of glass, it’s important to upgrade this to double glazed. Glass replacement services are available to provide such services without having to remove and fit an entirely new window frame.  Double glazing offers you better home security and much more energy efficiency. 

Windows let in drafts.  If your windows are starting to whistle with the wind, it could be a broken seal around the pane of glass and the frame, letting in drafts and cold air, and ultimately not performing adequately.  You can call an emergency glazier to help solve the problem, often replacing the pane of glass and fitting new seals around the frame and panels themselves with ease.  

Condensation.  One of the biggest problems with windows is condensation.  Often when condensation occurs, it is due to a ventilation issue, and installing higher quality glazing systems can help.  Condensation is a sign that the double glazing has failed and will no longer be keeping your home as warm as it should be. 

Accidental/Purpose Damage.  If your windows have fallen victim to an accident or an actual attempt to break them, an emergency glazier will be able to help.  Providing you with emergency window glass repairs, it doesn’t matter whether a football has shattered the glass, or the window has been popped due to an attempted break-in, professional glaziers will be able to repair and install new in no time. 

Old windows.  If your windows are over ten years old, and certainly over 20, then it may be time to replace them.  Older windows will no longer be providing you with the energy efficiencies that more modern windows will.  In addition, some modern windows also come with built-in UPVC protection, helping to block out strong incoming sun rays (stopping items in your home from fading (which is also an issue if you have single pane windows). 

Ill-fitted.  If water is leaking through the frame, it can mean that windows have not been fitted correctly or that the window seals themselves have failed, or the drainage section is blocked.  Whatever the reason, replacing your windows is most definitely the best course of action. 

Cracks and chips to the glass.  Similar to an emergency glass window repair, if these cracks and chips are left over time, the worse the situation becomes and the less likely your windows will offer you any security or efficiencies. 

Benefits of replacing your windows 

  • Helps to increase the value of your property (especially when energy consumption is now shown on all properties up for sale) 
  • Can help reduce your energy bills 
  • Can upgrade and update the look and feel of your home 
  • Offers improved security 

You don’t have to replace like for like 

You also don’t have to replace windows like for like as there are now several options available for you to choose from. 

Options including: 

  • UPVC 
  • Timber 
  • Timber effect 
  • Aluminium 
  • Composite 

All are coming in a range of colours, finishes, and configurations too. 

Emergency Glazing Leeds 

At Alan Carnall we understand the importance of having windows fitted by expert installers, that’s why all the team at Alan Carnall is trained to the highest standards, helping with regular checks, we want to help you get the most out of the lifespan of your windows. 

It’s essential to make sure your windows are up to scratch, installing glass replacements which are of good quality, robust, and energy efficient. 

If you’re concerned about any of the points we’ve mentioned above, contact us today on 0113 256 8008 

– Reference Video: Shane Atkinson

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