Top 12 Unusual Things to do in Leeds 

Leeds is a beautiful place to explore. So you can consider the following if you wish to make this another favourite city of yours. From the local stores, buildings, bars, museums and picturesque landscapes, here are few more things to do in Leeds that you can add to your existing list and also recommend others.

Theatre in the pay-what-you-like pattern

Unusual Activities in Leeds

Avid theatre lovers can take their sip of coffee or get drunk with beer (hardly possible though) as they enjoy some of the mindboggling theatres shows that happen here. All these operate on a pay-as-you-like basis.

Know more about coffee

Visit the micro-roasters in North Star and check out a little more about your favourite drink in the workshops held at Coffee Academy and learn sensory skill development, home brewing techniques and overall training in barista.

Learning belly dancing

It’s time you enrol yourself in a belly dancing course and that too at reasonable rates. As much as you will benefit from the necessary learning, there will be considerable improvement in your fitness levels.

Take to geocaching as you explore the city

This is interesting as you keep finding hidden boxes throughout the city with an object, via specific clues. Well, you can always take in whatever is kept inside the box, but make sure you replace that with something of higher value.

Try aerial yoga

So you use hammocks and not mats here, as you keep trying some of the best traditional yoga poses. This workout is good for muscle release, tension-free conditioning and overall benefit to the body and mind. The new workshops are often taught and are truly interesting.

Bonding with penguins

Visitors are often invited in between March and November to feed the flock of penguins. So you manage to form a bond with the cute little creatures and even involve your kids. Truly an experience!

Taking a class in flamenco

Find the Spanish cultural centre in the city called ‘Instituto Cervantes’ that bring multiple courses. The flamenco dance classes happen every Wednesday night and anybody can get started, regardless of someone being a beginner or expert.

Making the best of chocolate in the city

Satiate your cravings for chocolate after you learn all of such in workshops at Chocolate Collective. You learn a little bit of history before ‘shaping and devouring’ those Belgian truffles.

Drinking beer amidst plants

So as much as you enjoy the beautiful view outside the window gazing at the living wall, fresh green plants and the like, sip your beer and relax.

Helping oneself with foraging

The foraging walks offer a suitable way to get acquainted with new wild food, finding harmful specimens and then distinguishing them from edible delicacies.

Learning mini golf better than most

Now you can challenge anyone to a game of mini golf after learning a few quick knickknacks and see for yourself how to battle it out.

Scaring yourself

Plenty of exciting events happen at spooky locations and you need to wander off in isolated buildings for finding some of the weirdest things.

So now you know the exciting activities in Leeds, go ahead and plan your journey accordingly!