Best Night out Activities in Leeds 

Nightlife in Leeds

Exploring nightlife in Leeds is a wonderful thought, especially if you are one of those who feels the constant need for trying out new and unique places and activities. The city usually comes to life at night! So you might try catching up with some live music, enjoying the view at bars, pubs and clubs, sipping from the cocktails or simply experiencing the fun of live shows.  

Here are few nighttime activities in Leeds that will give you a pleasant experience: 

Gorging and enjoying art at The Tetley 

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The love for art might bring you closer to this zone for some contemporary work indeed, but let’s not miss out on varied programs that happen during evenings. These majorly include walks, talks and several events. Don’t forget Wednesdays if you wish to grab a bite or sip a pint inside the bar and kitchen. Once done, then you can make the most of the late night scenario in the gallery and enjoy the exhibits displayed for viewers. 

Live music at its best in Belgrave Music Hall 

To enjoy the best live music in Leeds, this one is indeed a must visit. Make sure you hop into this place every second Saturday to enjoy the Belgrave Feast, which is known for being one of the most recognised art markets and street food haunts spanning across three floors. This Feast is, in fact, one of the best things to kick-start the weekend. Much like the second, the Third Saturday is well known for ‘The Wet Spot’ night. A splendid dose of Latin music awaits those who come during the month-end Saturday at Viva La Musica. 

Experiencing spookiness at Simply Ghost Nights 

How about having some overnight stays at haunted places in and around the city of Leeds? Try out the Old Dispensary, Temple Newsam or the Thackray Medical Museum. Moreover, all this is possible with Simply Ghost Nights that arrange for overnight stays in these places mentioned above and more. So at night, you can participate in the Victorian-style meetings, Ouija boards and repeated attempts to get in touch with ghosts! All this is fun. Please take note that this activity is not appropriate for a person with heart illness. Guests have claimed that they have heard screaming and laughing behind the walls and doors.

Chilling and hanging out at Roxy Ball Room 

Eat, drink and make merry at Roxy Ball Room just like any other place in Leeds. However, there’s more to this. Think of good indoor games like pool, table football, ping-pong and more and the chilled out public space has scope for these. If you didn’t know this, there’s an add-on to their collection and that’s a beautiful golf course! Need anything more to push your limits? 

Gaming in the virtual space at Tick Tock Unlock 

The UK houses quite a number of escape rooms, but this one called Tick Tock Unlock is a one-of-a-kind virtual reality game experience. From locking yourself inside a room to pushing yourself to almost another dimension, you experience it all with this. There’s this special Hyper Reality experience that mixes virtual reality with video games. This is unique and nowhere else has it been tried. How about trying it? 

Though the list is not all-inclusive, it will provide insight to many people wishing for a unique nightlife in Leeds.