Great Places To Eat in Leeds

Places to Eat in Leeds

Known for being the ‘hinterland of farming’, a good many numbers of suppliers and chefs blessed with creative and dynamic streaks to the maxim, Leeds stands out for having eateries that render fine and high-quality dining experience. For the foodies out there, here’s checking out some of the places to eat in Leeds:

Shears Yard

Want to have a relaxed dining atmosphere? This local eatery set in the 19th-century rope factory with filament bulbs decks up to the entire space. All the menus here are a rare combination of unusual flavours and classic ones. Also, the chefs pay great attention to detail and provide your relished dishes with very simple finishing touches. Don’t forget the drinks too, for they are usually made of local ingredients and you can enjoy a plethora of them sitting in the comforts of your table or hanging out on the outdoor terrace.

Fourth Floor Café

A little touch of decadence is something that we all prefer, and this café won’t disappoint you on this ground. Make a morning trip in summers and take a seat on the terrace outside, as you overlook the hustling and bustling shopping streets below. Alongside the rooftop view, the eatery is all about teal leather seats, statement mirrors and a picture-perfect looking ambience with metallic finishes everywhere. The menu keeps changing as per the season, but rest assured that you will get the best of fresh and local food produces and explore culinary treats in all.


This one is again sheer sophistication! Open kitchen, magnificent city skylines, interiors replete with fabric reams and artwork, traditional looms, marble and dark oak; the restaurant is all about breathing the rich cultural heritage that Leeds is known for. Meat lovers can never have enough of this haven as Crafthouse prides in the Josper Oven- a chargrilling machine for meat that cooks locally sourced products at close to 480 degrees heat. Get the most of the outdoor terrace feel when you book a seat or two during the summers.

Greedy Pig

Quite a weird name indeed, but how does that matter when you know you will be up for some lovely tummy-filling experience once here? Famous as ‘The Swine that Dines’, the 16 cover BYO restaurant is famous for rolling out exotic brunch dishes. Enjoy the creativity of chefs as they provide a mix of sausages, harissa, duck eggs, mushrooms, ricotta, fennel, pickled walnuts and more. Also, there’s something different for everyone every week.

The Reliance

A superb place for those who swear by craft beers and natural wines, this has a zone boasting of a boho-café bar feel combined with dining space. Presently, it’s in the second decade, so it’s obvious how it has kept its popularity meter intact and higher over the years. One visit to the fantastic eatery and you know how the chef is a real inspiration for seasonal variations and artisan skills. Treat yourself to horseradish, capers, sausages, ox heart and more. Also, all this at pretty reasonable rates!

Deciding where to eat is a tough job, but choosing where to stay in Leeds should be your priority.