York Great Landmarks & Attractions 

Do you know that the city of York is known for having more attractions per square km than any other city in the UK? This is the reason why people from different corners of the world come to this majestic destination to spend some memorable time of their life. No matter in which age criteria you fall, you will always get something or other things to discover here. Go through following list of York great attractions along with things do in York city:

  • Jorvik Viking Centre:  

It is one of the highly sought after destinations in York. The history of Jorvik Viking Centre dates back to 20th century when archaeologists unearthed the site and discovered backyards, workshops and houses etc. The site gives a perfect experience to visitors of being at a Viking city.   

  • National Railway Museum: 

Even if you are not a train enthusiast, National Railway Museum will surely make you stunned with its extensive collection.  It is a place where you can witness rail history of England under a single giant roof. Here you can discover locomotives, renovated stations and some more iconic items that are more than 200 years old. The great thing is that visitors don’t need to pay anything to get in!  

  • York City walls:  

While you are in such a fabulous city like York, strolling through the city walls is something you should not miss. They are rightly preserved and considered as the longest path of medieval walls in England. It is around 3km long and it takes visitors around 1.5 hours to complete the entire stretch. You can always consider walking through fewer and short sections of York City Walls.   

  • Churches in York: 

York Great Attractions

St. Micheal’s, York Minster Cathedral, and St. Martin-le-Grand are considered as one of the extraordinary churches in York. Here you can experience a perfect blend of modern and medieval architecture. Some of the iconic items such as glass paintings, arcades and altarpieces from historical times can be found only here. Some other churches you can consider visiting include St. Margaret’s, St. Denys’, St. Mary’s, Trinity Church and All Saints Church.   

  • York Boat: 

If you want to take the profound insight of some historical places of York along with surrounding countryside, then York boat is a perfect option. It is a unique experience when you cruise through riverboat and unravel the mystery behind the majestic places of the city. For special occasion or celebration, boats are also available on hire basis.   

  • Festivals in York: 

If you want to enjoy the local taste of chamber concerts, recitals and choral of York then take part in the music festivals. You can also experience some of the musical performances infamous music venues of the city. York Food Festival is another annual event that brings a real treat for foodies. Here you can taste a sample of some of the exceptional cuisine and drinks of the city.  

Apart from the landmarks and destinations mentioned above, the peerless city of York offers you a lot to explore during your journey through the city.