Tips to Choose Aluminium Windows for Your Home

Why choose Aluminium? 

If you’re an eighties child, you’ll probably have some not so fond memories of aluminium doors and windows. Back then, it was fairly new material to work with, and function was emphasised over style.

Unfortunately, aluminium windows were not all that functional either. But don’t let that put you off. Aluminium windows for home use have come a long way since the old days. Now they’re a stylish, strong and well-insulated alternative for your home.

They’re great because:

  • You can get them in a range of colours and finishes so you can match them exactly to your décor.  
  • They’re solid, so you can get away with a thinner frame which is ideal if you want a big pane of glass for the window or doors.  
  • They’re lightweight, so they’re easier to transport. 
  • Finally, they’re extremely easy to maintain and are more durable than wood.  

How do you choose the perfect options for your home? You start by ringing up Alan Carnall Aluminium to discuss your needs. We’ll match you with the perfect product.  

Other Tips When Considering Aluminium 


Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to aluminium. Choose a reputable company that offers a quality product to get the best possible deal. There are cheaper frames on the market, but these won’t last as well over time.  

Think of it this way — you only want to have to install window frames once, so it makes sense to get better quality.  


This is something that you might need to talk over with your architect. The big advantage of using aluminium is that the frame can be a lot thinner than a standard wood option. This means you get to take full advantage of your beautiful view.  

But what we love about this metal is the countless different ways it can be finished. Choose a high gloss, striking colour to make the windows a feature, or go for something that mimics woodgrain. You’ll get to choose the perfect finish for your home.  


Now, honestly, no window or door frame is going to be able to withstand a determined burglar, but the strong metal does do a far better job of this than wood. It’s also possible to have a secure locking system built in so that your windows are not that easy to open. 


Aluminium creates a snug fit for the glass and even edges all around. Also, because of the strength of the material, it’s possible to install double or even triple-glazed windows. These frames are excellent for those wanting a more energy efficient home.  

These models are much-better insulated and can be designed to help dampen noise from the outside as well.  

Your Budget 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always afford everything that we wanted? Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. We do recommend giving us a call so that we can give you a comprehensive quote when it comes to these models.  

We’ll help you come up with the ideal look and make sure that it suits your budget as well. We recommend choosing a high-quality option, even if it means pinching the money from other areas of the budget.  

Great quality models will last a lifetime, so it’s worth spending a little more in this area. And, if you factor in the low maintenance aspect, the energy-saving benefits, and the overall aesthetic, you’re still going to save yourself money in the long run. See it as an investment in the value of your home.  

Overall, installing aluminium frames makes more sense from an aesthetic and financial perspective. You’ll love the unobtrusive look, durability, and effortless upkeep with these models.  

Give us a call and find out what your options are — you’ll be glad that you did.

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