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Manufacturer & Installer of Aluminium Windows & Doors in Castleford

AC Aluminium door & window systems are specialist contractors company that offer a wide range of high quality products all designed, & manufactured under one roof including; aluminium windows, entrance doors & roof lights.

Commercial & Domestic Doors & Windows

AC Aluminium Glazing Systems – the No 1 supplier of Aluminium Windows & Doors in Castleford . When you need a window and door expert, one with over 30 year’s experience, call AC Aluminium. We specialise in Aluminium doors and window systems for both commercial and residential clients.

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Contact AC Aluminium Ltd for commercial & domestic services from our FENSA registered team. Your local window & door experts.

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Aluminium windows are the preferred choice for some customers and are a great match for contemporary projects. We are able to deliver that modern look with slim frames and high energy efficiency by manufacturing our own aluminium window systems.



Why choose Aluminium doors & windows?

Aluminium is the obvious choice for commercial installations, owing to its sleek and modern appearance and thermal efficiency. However, aluminium is becoming more and more popular among homeowners, due to its benefits compared to uPVC doors.

High performance aluminium fabrications are able to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. Aluminium windows and doors can easily achieve improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows by 60% rivalling more expensive timber and uPVC equivalents.

Aluminium frames can be significantly less expensive than other framing options, providing a strong yet economical window and door solution, while also achieving excellent energy outcomes.

The corrosion resistant qualities of aluminium provide a low maintenance frame and is resistant to weathering under a range of harsh environmental conditions. Unlike many other materials, it will not swell, crack, split or warp over time; ensuring an extended product life. Aluminium can be left in its finished condition. For additional protection or decorative finishes, aluminium can be anodised or painted.

A range of finishing options ensures aluminium windows and doors can be perfectly matched to any decor. Powder coating provides an attractive finish to aluminium frames and once coated, does not require repainting. The Interpon colour range gives you the freedom to create the look you want using a variety of natural colours to blend into the environment and colours to coordinate as well as a selection of unique pearl and metallic finishes. Anodising treatment can provide excellent corrosion resistance and a wide range of colour options. Such finishes are widely used for both interior and exterior applications.

The inherent strength and flexibility for aluminium to be manufactured to exacting specifications means you are limited only by your imagination. With an endless array of systems, finishes and glass options, aluminium offers a vast range of possibilities from the economical to most elaborate systems while also delivering excellent thermal performance.


Beautifully designed aesthetics

Aluminium doors & windows are very attractive and make for some visually stunning aesthetics, they are easily capable of complimenting any modern or traditional property. If appropriate AC Aluminium provide a wide range of customisable options also, helping you to achieve a more bespoke look.

Thermally efficient doors

Benefitting from weathertight and strong frames, aluminium doors & windows can effectively keep the heat in and cold out. Various additional hardware can be incorporated also such as and additional glazing to ensure your aluminium doors & windows always operate at peak thermal efficiency.

High safety & security

Aluminium windows & doors benefit from AC Aluminium enhanced security features to ensure that you have complete peace of mind when having replacements installed. These features range from additional door hardware such as multi-point locking systems as well as double glazing for an extra layer of protection.