Cheap Places to eat in York 

York Budget Places to eat

Gorging on lip-smacking dishes is something that most of us have a passion for and that’s justified. However, trying out new flavours at exotic places doesn’t imply you need to visit the plushest restaurants. In York, some of the best cuisines can be had at absolutely pocket-friendly rates and that too, unique ones. Want to know the cheap places to eat in York? Here they are:  

Perky Peacock Coffee Shop 

The restaurant focuses on a medieval tower that served as a toll booth on the River Ouse, just beside. One visit here and you are bound to fall in love with the surroundings as much as the food. Try their breakfast menus including bacon butty on great cheese spread or the lunch hour sandwiches and cakes baked from homes. Try their pastries too and combine the same with freshly brewed coffee and all this, at rates that will make you wonder… ‘HOW’?  


Beat your Monday morning blues with this special eatery that gives an exclusive deal of 50% off on all their items on this particular day only. From homemade pizzas to burgers, sandwiches and burritos, you are bound to taste royalty if you add some more king prawns, goat’s cheese, lemon and garlic chicken and more. There’s music to accompany you, and the venue looks elegant from interior to exterior with double glazing windows from aluminium fabricators. So let’s say, you are looking for food to eat while relaxing, Revolution is a place to go!

The Lowther 

Thursday nights will never be the same after traditional pub food and a high bar at night is promised by this eatery in York. The place has a riverside location and both the interior and exterior settings complement the mood and view of the place. The prices are accessible on the pocket and you get to taste a whole lot of prawns, chicken, lamb, beef and not to forget, vegetarian dishes as you keep tapping your feet with your pals. By the way, did you know that offer you a 75cl carafe of house wine, red or white, for another tenner?  

House of Trembling Madness 

Did the name give you Goosebumps? Then try visiting this zone that’s decked like a drinking hall. Ideally, a beer bar, HOTM has some of the most ‘alluring’ draught beers like Black Jack, Great Heck, Bad Seed, Brooklyn and more. You can pick up some delectable piping hot dishes and platters to go with the mood. There’s a tiny kitchen at the back of the bar and the dishes procured are more of assembling than cooking! However, one downside is the waiting time. How does it matter when you have the pints to keep you busy or help settle down as you wait for the food?  

Royal Oak 

Pretty much within walking distance, Royal Oak is close to the centre of York. Now Friday nights turn special at this friendly pub for the ‘steak nights’ it’s known for. At jaw-dropping prices, you get your glass of house wine and then there’s live music, so need we say more how and where to unwind for the weekend?  

They say that money spent on relaxing especially on eating never goes to waste. Also, surely not when you know how to experiment at exotic locales without breaking the bank!