Tips to Choose Aluminium Windows for Your Home

Why choose Aluminium? 

If you’re an eighties child, you’ll probably have some not so fond memories of aluminium doors and windows. Back then, it was fairly new material to work with, and function was emphasised over style.

Unfortunately, aluminium windows were not all that functional either. But don’t let that put you off. Aluminium windows for home use have come a long way since the old days. Now they’re a stylish, strong and well-insulated alternative for your home.

They’re great because:

  • You can get them in a range of colours and finishes so you can match them exactly to your décor.  
  • They’re solid, so you can get away with a thinner frame which is ideal if you want a big pane of glass for the window or doors.  
  • They’re lightweight, so they’re easier to transport. 
  • Finally, they’re extremely easy to maintain and are more durable than wood.  

How do you choose the perfect options for your home? You start by ringing up Alan Carnall Aluminium to discuss your needs. We’ll match you with the perfect product.  

Other Tips When Considering Aluminium 


Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to aluminium. Choose a reputable company that offers a quality product to get the best possible deal. There are cheaper frames on the market, but these won’t last as well over time.  

Think of it this way — you only want to have to install window frames once, so it makes sense to get better quality.  


This is something that you might need to talk over with your architect. The big advantage of using aluminium is that the frame can be a lot thinner than a standard wood option. This means you get to take full advantage of your beautiful view.  

But what we love about this metal is the countless different ways it can be finished. Choose a high gloss, striking colour to make the windows a feature, or go for something that mimics woodgrain. You’ll get to choose the perfect finish for your home.  


Now, honestly, no window or door frame is going to be able to withstand a determined burglar, but the strong metal does do a far better job of this than wood. It’s also possible to have a secure locking system built in so that your windows are not that easy to open. 


Aluminium creates a snug fit for the glass and even edges all around. Also, because of the strength of the material, it’s possible to install double or even triple-glazed windows. These frames are excellent for those wanting a more energy efficient home.  

These models are much-better insulated and can be designed to help dampen noise from the outside as well.  

Your Budget 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always afford everything that we wanted? Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. We do recommend giving us a call so that we can give you a comprehensive quote when it comes to these models.  

We’ll help you come up with the ideal look and make sure that it suits your budget as well. We recommend choosing a high-quality option, even if it means pinching the money from other areas of the budget.  

Great quality models will last a lifetime, so it’s worth spending a little more in this area. And, if you factor in the low maintenance aspect, the energy-saving benefits, and the overall aesthetic, you’re still going to save yourself money in the long run. See it as an investment in the value of your home.  

Overall, installing aluminium frames makes more sense from an aesthetic and financial perspective. You’ll love the unobtrusive look, durability, and effortless upkeep with these models.  

Give us a call and find out what your options are — you’ll be glad that you did.

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Storefronts vs. Curtain Wall

Curtainwalls and storefronts are both facades that are designed to provide daylight and allow you to see the outdoors while protecting you from the elements. While they perform similar functions, these systems have some differences that make them suitable for different applications. 

For example, curtain wall systems are ideal for large, multi-story buildings while storefront systems are meant for buildings with one or two stories. So, to be able to choose the right system for your needs, you have to understand the differences. 

Differences Between Storefronts and Curtain Walls 

General Structure  

A storefront generally refers to the façade of a retail store on the ground floor of a commercial building. It is characterised by one or more large display windows.  The window frames are typically made of aluminium, steel, or wood, and may include glass for proper visibility.  

Curtain walls, on the other hand, are thin, usually aluminium-framed walls that contain in-fills of glass, thin stone, or metal panels. They are primarily used in multi-story commercial buildings and are attached to the building structure. They don’t carry the building’s floor or roof loads.  

This means curtain walls are taller than storefronts. While curtain walls are used for frames that are at least 13-feet high, the storefront is used for frames not more than 10 feet.  

Curtain wall also beats storefront in thickness. A curtain wall can have a depth of between 2.5 inches and 8 inches. A storefront, on the other hand, can’t exceed 2 inches in depth.  

 Rain Water Infiltration 

The most notable difference between a curtain wall and storefront is the way water infiltration is handled in the system. In storefront, all the water is directed to the sill flashing, through the vertical mullion, and then exuded out of the building.  

This can result in the overloading of the system when exposed to extreme weather elements. That’s why storefronts should be kept short and in the lower floors of buildings that have roof overhangs to protect them from elements. In a curtain wall, every glass lite is wept individually.  


When it comes to choosing the best system concerning cost, you will go for a storefront. The Storefront is more affordable and is ideal for elevations and entrances in the first and second floors of buildings. The curtain wall is generally pricier regarding both production and materials. However, it is normally superior in terms of design and functionality.  

So, which one should you choose between a storefront and curtain walling system? 

It boils down to where you want to install the system. Namely, a storefront will certainly not work for a building with more than three stories although it is cheaper. You would want to go for a curtain wall, which also offers for the best performance.  

You can get high-quality aluminium curtain wall from Alan Carnall Aluminium Fabrications, a leading aluminium fabricator in Leeds. However, if you are willing to sacrifice functionality and performance for something cheaper, you can settle for a storefront.  

Things You Should Know About Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows boast numerous advantages that could make your property stand out from the rest. These windows are virtually maintenance-free. They are resistant to corrosion, which means you don’t have to paint them for protection like you would do with steel or wooden windows.  

Things You Should Know about Aluminium Windows

In this article, we explore some features that set aluminium windows apart from others. These features are essential to know before you go out shopping for the best aluminium windows.  

10 Things You Should Know About Aluminium Windows 

Colour Finishes 

Aluminium windows are one of the easiest types of windows to work with when it comes to home decorating. You can easily customise them to your favourite colour scheme as they can be painted with any RAL colour.

This is unlike most uPVC window frames, which are available in a limited selection of pre-set colours.  

Eco-friendliness and Energy-efficiency 

Aluminium windows are designed to promote a minimal production of carbon dioxide in gas heated homes. This can help increase your energy savings by at least 30 per cent, in addition to supporting a cleaner environment.  

Moreover, aluminium fabrications, such as windows and doors, are among the best-insulated on the market and hence boast high thermal performance. Materials like uPVC are prone to expansion and contraction when temperatures change. This can make your windows difficult to open or close. 

Conversely, aluminium hardly contracts or expands with changes in temperature, thanks to its exceptional stability. You don’t have to worry about your windows getting hard to close or open.  

It’s also worth noting that aluminium can be completely recycled without degrading its quality. So, when your aluminium windows reach the end of their usefulness and are replaced, the frames can be melted down and used to make new items.  


Aluminium is one of the most flexible architectural materials thanks to its design versatility and ability to work with an endless range of RAL colours. This means you can use aluminium windows in virtually any kind of architectural design.  Moreover, you can customise an aluminium window frame to suit any décor style, be it traditional, mid-century modern, or contemporary.  

Safety and Security 

Aluminium windows can be designed to offer maximum security. For example, you can have your windows internally glazed to make it more difficult for burglars to break in. You can also incorporate other security features in your aluminium fabrication, such as hinge protectors and shootbolt locks.   


With aluminium windows, you don’t have to worry about rust. Besides being corrosion-resistant, aluminium is also not prone to swelling or cracking like uPVC and other materials. These windows are virtually maintenance-free and can maintain their original look for an extended period.  This can save you a lot of money in the long run as your windows won’t require replacement as often.  

You can get some of the best aluminium windows at affordable prices from Alan Carnall Aluminium Fabrications, a premier aluminium fabricator in Leeds. For more information about these windows and other aluminium products, please visit this site 

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What is Aluminium Fabrication?

We’re all at least a little bit familiar with aluminium. Most of us know that aluminium can replace steel in terms of strength and that it’s light enough to make kitchen foil. It’s so widely used that there is no indication it was valued just as gold back at one time. It’s still appreciated today for its wide variety of uses in different industries and products. 

Aluminium Fabication

How and why did we get to the aluminium of today? In the last hundred years, aluminium alloys have found a place in the construction, automobile and aircraft industries, as well as in commercial everyday-use products. It’s all because of the invention of the Hall-Heroult metal fabrication process in the late 1880s. By the definition of fabrication, it is a primary industrial process for smelting aluminium. The aluminium fabrication process is electrolytic and uses large amounts of electricity to extract aluminium metal from aluminium oxide. 

Extrusion is the best method for aluminium fabrication 

Being lightweight and resistant to corrosion makes aluminium valuable in many industries; however, its downside is that it can become quite brittle if force is applied in the wrong way. For this reason, extrusion makes the best method for aluminium fabrication. It puts less stress on the metal during the process. 

Use of Aluminium 

Aluminium has been widely used thanks to its properties. It’s corrosion resistant, durable, and lightweight. It doesn’t spark and is non-magnetic. 

Aluminium has been widely used thanks to its properties. It’s corrosion resistant, durable, and lightweight. It doesn’t spark and is non-magnetic. 

After extrusion, the aluminium fabrication can continue with various processes, such as cutting, drilling, grinding, or shaping for a specific need. It can be cut or shaped easily, which makes it a versatile material used for window frames, bicycle parts, automobile parts, and building material including shuttering formwork. 

Aluminium is not a good heat conductor (it has a fairly high thermal conductivity), which can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the application. For example, the main advantage of the kitchen aluminium foil is that it cools off extremely quickly, making it perfect for kitchen use. 

Being lightweight makes it applicable in performance vehicles, though it can potentially cause problems with various automobile parts when bonded to steel. Wheels of performance vehicles can be made of aluminium, which are lighter in weight and better-performing. However, they might not be as durable as if they were made of other materials. 

Although there are certainly great benefits of aluminium fabrication, some of the challenges emerge if an inexperienced aluminium fabricator handles it. Being a softer metal than steel, the wire used for welding aluminium is prone to damage. Aluminium’s high thermal conductivity can lead to an incomplete fusion due to the deflected heat from the welding area. It merely requires precision in detail when handling this useful material.  


Another important process in aluminium fabrication is recycling. Being 100% recyclable, the reclaimed aluminium can be reprocessed after melting through the extrusion process. Recycling aluminium costs a fraction of the expended energy and costs of producing it from a raw material, which is why aluminium recycling is so common. 

As aluminium fabricator business, Alan Carnall Aluminium Fabrications make sure that we deliver our services based on the expectation of our business partners. Contact us now for more information. 

Curtain Walling Options

Main Options for Curtain Walling 

Curtain walling is non-structural curtain walls that is the beneficial building choice in many different ways. These walls typically consist of glass panels with aluminium frames that add ample aesthetical appeal and design flexibility to a building. It is also the best choice to ensure optimal thermal performance and natural light in a building. There are mainly two options for curtain walling, namely unitised curtain walls, and stick-built systems.   

Curtain Wall System Options

Unitised Curtain Walls 

Unitised curtain walls are by far one of the quickest to install. Unitised curtain walls are glass units that are premanufactured and glazed in a factory before it goes to the construction site for installation. Installation is relatively simple and mainly consists of hoisting the units up and connecting them to the building structure. On average, installation of unitised curtain walls takes around a third of the time it takes to install stick-built systems.    

This type of curtain walling is more suitable when there are large amounts of units needed, where the costs of labour are more, and if the structure is relatively tall.  

Stick-built System 

Unlike unitised curtain walls, stick-built systems are not premanufactured and glazed in the factory before being sent to the constructions site. When the stick-built systems arrive at the construction site, the frame components are positioned into place before the glazing is inserted. This means that using stick-built system curtain walling takes much longer than unitised curtain wall systems.   

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This type of curtain walling is best when the building shape is atypical or where the project is relatively small.  

Other Options for Curtain Walling 

Once the project role players have decided on the main options or curtain walling, it is time to decide on all the other options that curtain walling has to offer.  

Thermal Performance 

There are mainly three places where heat loss can occur with curtain wailing: glazing, centre panel, and framing. It is therefore crucial that desired thermal performance should be considered and weighed against costs and the U-Value.   

Glazing Material 

 Since glass panels are typically used with curtain walling, glazing is another additional option that has to be considered. Developers and designers can choose from double and triple glazing. They can also decide on Low-E coatings as well as reflective coatings and additional glass treatments they may deem necessary.   

 Additional glazing options should be considered in combination with aesthetic and environmental factors. Metal, fibre-enforced plastic, and louvres are all add-ons that can be included for the sake of appearance and added functionality.   

 Profile Dimensions 

 Profile dimension options have a lot to do with the framing around the glazing. These framing profiles can have a significant impact on the building’s appearance, and it should be considered carefully, especially by the design team. Not only does the framing influence the appearance of the building, but it can also influence the performance of the curtain walling in other areas. This includes the thermal performance, weight, ease of installation, as well as the curtain walling’s ability to let light through.

Important Aspects of Aluminium Fabrication

Aspects of aluminium fabrication

Aluminium is rated as one of the highly used metals in industries due to its varied range of applications. There are several industries worldwide that are focusing on achieving perfection in aluminium fabrication to get maximum results out of this metal.  The aluminium fabrication process involves bending, laser cutting, grinding, stud welding, anodising, powder coating, fastener insertion etc. Here are aluminium fabrication important aspects that you must consider on a priority basis:  

  • Over the period, the mechanical properties of aluminium may change and it may not deliver the same results for which it has been employed. This is the case when specific types of alloys must be merged with aluminium to make it feasible in the process.  
  • At the time of metal bending, a special tool must be employed to prevent any kind of bending mark getting developed on the finished product. This is one of the important aspects that must be taken care at the time of aluminium fabrication. 
  • When doing laser cutting of aluminium, the energy level is extremely high that may affect the metal surface to show some kind of deterioration. So proper attention should be given to the splash free areas and burr-free edges during the process.  
  • Aluminium metal has a very low melting point and this limitation is completely exposed when grinding the aluminium. An unnecessary buildup of metal has been developed at the time of grinding that may affect the quality of finished product. To deal with this problem, supplementary materials such as wax need to be added to avoid any form of superfluous aluminium residue being developed on the top of the surface.  
  • Though aluminium is known for its durability, it also comes with few limitations because of its mild nature. At the time of aluminium welding, a breakthrough may happen when a proper voltage is applied to a specific area. However, the solution to this problem is also available that let manufacturers to get away with a severe issue of welding breakthrough. 
  • Setup, power sources and methods employed are three other areas that one has to look after at the time of aluminium fabrication. When working with different kinds of metals, a different course of actions need to be followed so as to run things smoothly.  
  • Taking help of steel liner might not be the right idea for the aluminium fabrication. This may create damage to the aluminium surface and you may end up getting finished product with many marks on it. A liner made from Teflon or nylon material is a perfect tool for aluminium fabrication. This will lower the chances of friction on the metal surface thereby keeping the finished product free from any forms of scratches.  

The process of aluminium fabrication is quite complicated and a professional aluminium craftsman has to execute it with proper planning by seeking help from the modern equipment. Above discussed aspects will definitely make sure that the process of aluminium fabrication goes smoothly and you get a finished product with utmost perfection.   

4 Types of Bi-Folding Doors

4 Types of Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding Door Types

By merely opening bi-folding doors of your living room, you can enjoy a soothing experience while glancing at your garden. Bi-folding doors are convenient as they are nicely designed in a manner that provides you large opening space along with easy handling mechanism. Go through following bi-folding door types and figure out which type suits your house:

Raised panel bi-folding doors:  

These forms of bi-folding doors are manufactured with different segments of solid wood. They are specially made for closet doors. Because of technology advancement, it is easy to craft raised panel bi-folding doors in any complicated design by merely entering the measurements into the system. They can be made in different styles, but a white colour certainly made them look genuinely aesthetic in your home.  

Room dividers bi-folding doors: 

These are also called French bi-folding doors which come with fitted glass that makes it suitable for several applications. The key use of these doors is to split your room into different sections. They can be purchased in readymade forms, or you can customise them considering the size of your room and its other specifications. In this type of bi-folding door, it is possible that they may have more than 2 panels. In rare cases, they may have more than 6 doors in one row. Still, they will be called as bi-folding doors because they can be opened or closed in the same folding.  

Flat panel bi-folding doors:  

These are one of the most known forms of bi-folding doors. On the virtue of their multiple applications, flat panel bi-folding doors can be used as pantry doors or closet. Most of the times, they are also used as room dividers. They can be crafted from wood in different sets of style to enhance the appearance of your house.   

Closet doors: 

It is also referred to as pantry doors and it is one of the most common forms of bi-folding doors. They are available in the readymade form, or you can design them according to your style. They are usually made from the wood panels and come with a couple of sets of doors.  

Apart from the few common types of bi-folding doors mentioned above, bi-folding doors can be classified according to the number of panels installed with them. The types can vary from 2-panel bi-folding doors to 6-panel bi-folding doors. These kinds of doors can be quickly moved either in right or left direction. In few cases, they can be installed at one end. They usually open from walls that result in extremely smooth functioning. Even a partial opening of these bi-folding doors allows excellent ventilation. When closed completely, they also act as a perfect insulator to maintain proper temperature in your house.  

Before choosing any of the bi-folding door types mentioned above, make sure you understand your requirements very well. You need to consider several aspects such as the size of your room, inside and outside area, interior decor etc. Once you have done with the research of all these crucial factors, you are good to go with a particular type of bi-folding door. Read some tips for buying before you make that final decision.

Tips for Buying Bi-folding Doors

Bi-Fold Door 6

Most households opt for bi-fold doors when they wish to maximise on the space and light aspects, particularly those who want to move in from their rooms to a well-set garden or porch. The connection of the inside and outside is so well made in this respect that some people who wish to create a cool effect inside their houses are opting for the same. No doubt it looks appealing, but one must consider few things before making a decision in buying.   

Make sure you do your research correctly before you install these doors, which act as good investment. However, once you do it the incorrect way, you might end up decreasing the value of the overall home. Here are few noteworthy bi-folding doors buying tips you can consider:  

Take care of the materials 

Since different bi-folding doors can be manufactured using several such materials, think of what you would like to have. uPVC is the cheapest option, wood is environmentally beneficial, and aluminium can be recycled, it’s resilient, durable and requires very less of maintenance. Just ensure that whatever be your pick, know the properties of the concerned material beforehand.  

The project must adhere to permitted development rights 

Check to see that the installation of new bi-folding doors is proper and whether they require permission for planning or not. While most good companies are equipped with the knowledge and usually advice on how to go about it, but it pays off doing one’s research.  

Look for the guarantee mark 

It’s usually recommended that any company that doesn’t give a guarantee of minimum 10 years must be rejected. This is primarily because a decade is considered ideal and provides the necessary dose of relief to the mind. Also, it speaks volumes about the pledge of quality from the salesperson involved or manufacturer.   

Take care of weather guarantees 

The low threshold is the buzzword here. On the external door, a rebated threshold is usually recommended that can be sunk in with a further 1cm inside the floor. This would give a step height of somewhere around 1-1.5 cm (about the thickness of the finger). This is also done keeping the winter season in mind.  

Check the reviews of other customers  

Asking for references or visiting reviews sites is a reasonably good way to gauge a company’s reputation. A well-recognised company will invariably try to get in touch with past customers. You can always talk to the previous clients personally or read through their reviews on services, products and such.  

Passing the current building regulations is important.  

Since building regulations are updated continuously, it’s important to ask if bi-fold or sliding doors pass through the current regulations. Both External bifold doors and Internal bifold doors documentation and certification matter considerably, so better to keep them safe. After all, if you wish to sell them off to your new owner, these documents are evidence of truth.  


While bi-fold doors will lull you for a purchase, it must be kept in mind that they are only real value for money if the disadvantages are taken into consideration. Follow the bi-folding doors buying tips and talk to your seller before you rush in with this.


Why Aluminium is Better Than Steel?

Aluminium is better than Steel

Due to its varied industrial applications, Aluminium is recognised as ‘gold of the future’. Everyday lot of innovations have been taking place in the industries and companies are focusing on extracting maximum benefits out of this extraordinary material. There is hardly any other metal available that can match the unique properties of aluminium. Browse through following details to know why aluminium is better than other types of metals such as steel: 

  • Aluminium is known for its high strength to weight ratio when compared with other crucial metals. Aluminium is more durable than steel and this is the reason why companies are keen to choose aluminium over other metals. Though the cost of aluminium and steel is almost similar, the long-lasting property of aluminium makes it handier in the long term. 
  • Because of its high elasticity and malleability, aluminium is employed in wide range of industries. It is easy to bend and it can be shaped in any complex form. On the hand, steel is quite harder and stronger than other metals that make it very tough to shape in other forms.  
  • Resistance to corrosion or rust is another feature where aluminium is preferred over steel. It can withstand extreme conditions such as salt water that makes it quite versatile product to be used in heavy industries. Steel, on the other hand, needs some sort of additional coating or painting to make it corrosion or rust resistant.   
  • Due to its lightweight property, the equipment made from aluminium are easily portable. This is the reason why it is more often used in crucial devices such as aircraft, heavy vehicles, ships etc. On the other hand, steel is quite heavy that makes it difficult to move from one place to other. This is the reason why companies only employ a metal such as steel in their operations when they don’t have any other options to choose.       
  • Aluminium is also rated as one of the highest environmental friendly material and this is the reason why industries are adopting it in their manufacturing process. It is easy to recycle thereby making it convenient for companies to keep a check on their production cost.  
  • The process of aluminium fabrication is quite economical when compared with the steel fabrication. It takes less than 10% of the energy to produce aluminium during recycling as bulk part of the energy is conserved in the used aluminium.
  • Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity as compared to steel. This is the reason why it is often used in household devices such as air conditioning, cooler, washing machine and many more.
  • Aluminium is soft and mild that makes it very feasible in the industries that involve a lot of cutting and moulding.

From all the aluminium advantages discussed above, you can quickly figure out why aluminium is in such as high demand these days. Whether it is a tiny electronic device or heavy machinery, you will find that aluminium is useful in all the circumstances.  

Bi-Folding Doors Ideas for Your Home

Bi-Fold Door 1

Are you planning to renovate your home? Are you considering a fresh layout where you want to install some highly effective home decor accessories? Then the bi-folding door is a perfect option to add an element of grace to your home. Here are few following bi-folding doors home ideas that you can consider while installing bi-fold doors in your home:  

  • The kitchen is considered as a heart of any home and bi-folding doors can be installed in the kitchen for the application of space divider. If you are keeping essential household equipment such as dryer, mixer and washing machine in the kitchen, then you can consider covering them with the help of bi-fold doors.   
  • When it comes to the bedroom, bi-fold doors tactically look after space and the areas that need to be concealed. The idea behind installing bi-fold doors into the bedroom is to create additional space without utilising any floor space of your bedroom. If you have an entire wall dedicated to the storage space or cupboard, then you can consider covering those with bi-fold doors. It will allow you to open up the whole wall in one go thereby giving your bedroom a stylish look.   
  • A living room is a place in your home that offers you lot of exposure for the interior decoration. You can consider creating a perfect open plan setting using bi-folding doors in your living room. A display cabinet will be a great plus as it will enhance the overall appearance of your living room.  If installed effectively, bi-folding doors can merge the outside part of your home into your living room.   
  • Bi-folding doors can be purchased in finished or unfinished form. You can apply polish on them to match with the existing style of your home decor. Bi-fold doors also come with a primer coat on which you can apply paint of your choice.  
  • By taking help of few tools and spending some creative time, you can consider hanging bi-fold doors very quickly. An electrically powered drill and few accurate screws are what you required to get this job done smoothly. Make sure you follow all the measurements and diagrams correctly to facilitate mounting and proper fitting of doors. Few adjustments will be required to assure smooth movement and precise fitting of bi-fold doors.  
  • Consider installing bi-folding doors in your home more strategically if you don’t want to compromise with natural light and ventilation in your home. Frame your home with wooden bi-folding doors to add a natural flavour to your home.   
  • Don’t restrict your creativity to just one wall of your living room. You can consider other aspects such as windows that can complement bi-folding doors of your home. When installing at exactly 90 degrees, they can end up creating a new corner in your living room. When installing at exactly 90 degrees, they can end up creating a new corner in your living room.  

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Aluminium bifold doors are not only used to create additional space in your room, but they are also acting as an ideal decorating secret. Above mentioned list of bi-folding doors home ideas will add a sense of elegance to your home.  If you think these home ideas caught your interest for buying one, why not read our buying tips on our next blog.