Tips for Buying Bi-folding Doors

Bi-Fold Door 6

Most households opt for bi-fold doors when they wish to maximise on the space and light aspects, particularly those who want to move in from their rooms to a well-set garden or porch. The connection of the inside and outside is so well made in this respect that some people who wish to create a cool effect inside their houses are opting for the same. No doubt it looks appealing, but one must consider few things before making a decision in buying.   

Make sure you do your research correctly before you install these doors, which act as good investment. However, once you do it the incorrect way, you might end up decreasing the value of the overall home. Here are few noteworthy bi-folding doors buying tips you can consider:  

Take care of the materials 

Since different bi-folding doors can be manufactured using several such materials, think of what you would like to have. uPVC is the cheapest option, wood is environmentally beneficial, and aluminium can be recycled, it’s resilient, durable and requires very less of maintenance. Just ensure that whatever be your pick, know the properties of the concerned material beforehand.  

The project must adhere to permitted development rights 

Check to see that the installation of new bi-folding doors is proper and whether they require permission for planning or not. While most good companies are equipped with the knowledge and usually advice on how to go about it, but it pays off doing one’s research.  

Look for the guarantee mark 

It’s usually recommended that any company that doesn’t give a guarantee of minimum 10 years must be rejected. This is primarily because a decade is considered ideal and provides the necessary dose of relief to the mind. Also, it speaks volumes about the pledge of quality from the salesperson involved or manufacturer.   

Take care of weather guarantees 

The low threshold is the buzzword here. On the external door, a rebated threshold is usually recommended that can be sunk in with a further 1cm inside the floor. This would give a step height of somewhere around 1-1.5 cm (about the thickness of the finger). This is also done keeping the winter season in mind.  

Check the reviews of other customers  

Asking for references or visiting reviews sites is a reasonably good way to gauge a company’s reputation. A well-recognised company will invariably try to get in touch with past customers. You can always talk to the previous clients personally or read through their reviews on services, products and such.  

Passing the current building regulations is important.  

Since building regulations are updated continuously, it’s important to ask if bi-fold or sliding doors pass through the current regulations. Both External bifold doors and Internal bifold doors documentation and certification matter considerably, so better to keep them safe. After all, if you wish to sell them off to your new owner, these documents are evidence of truth.  


While bi-fold doors will lull you for a purchase, it must be kept in mind that they are only real value for money if the disadvantages are taken into consideration. Follow the bi-folding doors buying tips and talk to your seller before you rush in with this.


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