Aluminium Bi Folding Doors

Open the door to a new way of living

Folding sliding doors provide the ultimate in space-saving design and functionality. Our contemporary and stylish large-panel glass doors allow natural light into your home like never before, enabling you to enjoy outstanding views of your surroundings.

Whatever the weather, with our folding sliding doors you can appreciate your garden all year round. With the option of opening up almost a full wall, your garden or patio area becomes an extension of your home, providing the ultimate feeling of extra space. When closed, the cleverly designed large panes and clean lines offer a panoramic view of your garden, allowing in plenty of light yet ensuring your home remains warm, dry and secure.

Our innovative bi-fold designs are constructed to the highest standards, meaning they not only look stunning, but offer maximum security and protection. Each product is individually made to order, providing you with a comprehensive range of options including style, design, size and configuration.
Our quality engineering provides peace of mind so that you can enjoy your new open plan living space for many years to come.

Interior Aluminium Fabricators


Outside Space. Open up your living space and enjoy nature’s little gems all year round

With folding sliding doors you really can bring the outdoors indoors. From the comfort of your living area you can enjoy an unspoilt view of the family garden and beyond. Our doors are designed to enable the maximum amount of natural light into the home, creating a fresh, airy space in any room.

In winter the multiple weather resistant seals and thermally efficient glazing will ensure you stay warm and dry whilst enjoying the changing scenery that the different seasons bring.

In summer folding doors truly transform your living space. The nylon wheels ensure smooth effortless operation so the doors can be opened wide, expanding your room like never before. This is when your outdoor space becomes a seamless extension of your living area, creating a wonderful feeling of freedom for all the family.

With their smart and smooth ‘concertina’ folding action, bi-folding doors can be used to create solutions for interior design and storage. Space that runs the length of a wall, such as cupboards, can be neatly concealed with easy access, simply by installing our top quality and guaranteed bi-folding doors.
If you would like bi-folding doors, please call us today to discuss your options.