The Ups and Downs of Aluminium Fabrication

ups and downs of aluminium fabrication

Aluminium is one of the most sought-after metals in different industries because of its wide range of applications. It is durable, lightweight and resistant to any form of corrosion to salt water. Apart from the several benefits of aluminium fabrication, it also comes with few limitations that can be overcome by finding out the right solution for aluminium fabrication. Go through following points to know various kinds of ups and downs involved in Aluminium fabrication: 

Ups and Downs of Aluminium Fabrication


  • Aluminium is referred to as a highly affordable metal that makes it the right fit for small as well as heavy industrial applications. It hardly requires any form of maintenance that makes it a versatile material to be used with expensive equipment.  
  • The strength to weight ratio of aluminium is exceptionally high. This is why even extremely slim panels of aluminium can withstand high pressure over the extended period.  
  • Because of its non-magnetic property, aluminium is considered as a handy metal in several electrical applications. Most of the industries employ this metal in system components that are too sensitive to magnetic forces.  
  • The unique thing about aluminium is that it is entirely recyclable. Besides this, the process of recycling consumes less energy making it highly eco-friendly alternative available in the industry today.  
  • Aluminium is completely non-toxic in nature and this characteristic makes it a preferred choice in food as well as medicine industry.  
  • On the virtue of its reflective nature, aluminium is preferred over other metals by several manufacturers and builders. It can be easily polished thereby making it a vital part of the interior decoration in houses and corporate offices.  
  • Aluminium can resist rust and it can withstand other forms of typical corrosion. With perfect finishing and regular maintenance, aluminium can tolerate any severe form of corrosion.  
  • A unique ability of aluminium to withstand extremely low temperature makes it a perfect component for air conditioners, nuclear reactors, and condensers.  


  • The low melting temperature of aluminium can create an absolute mess by developing a buildup of aluminium on the wheels at the time of grinding. However, this issue can be quickly resolved by taking help of additional materials such as paste or wax that prevent a redundant layer of aluminium getting developed on the wheels.  
  • Aluminium welding is highly sensitive to heat and a breakthrough might happen if proper care is not taken at the time of the process. Welding breakthrough generally occurs when the voltage is not applied to the right spot. This problem can be overcome with correct planning and following best practices at the time of aluminium welding.  
  • Aluminium is an excellent conductor of both electricity and heat. Though this is considered as an advantage, sometimes it also put many restrictions on its applications. It can also be found in essential components of video systems and computers.  

Though aluminium metal comes with few ups and downs, they can be easily managed with the proper planning and right precautions. If employed very well, aluminium can have advantages that any other metal fail to deliver even after doing much customisation.  

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