Why Aluminium is Better Than Steel?

Aluminium is better than Steel

Due to its varied industrial applications, Aluminium is recognised as ‘gold of the future’. Everyday lot of innovations have been taking place in the industries and companies are focusing on extracting maximum benefits out of this extraordinary material. There is hardly any other metal available that can match the unique properties of aluminium. Browse through following details to know why aluminium is better than other types of metals such as steel: 

  • Aluminium is known for its high strength to weight ratio when compared with other crucial metals. Aluminium is more durable than steel and this is the reason why companies are keen to choose aluminium over other metals. Though the cost of aluminium and steel is almost similar, the long-lasting property of aluminium makes it handier in the long term. 
  • Because of its high elasticity and malleability, aluminium is employed in wide range of industries. It is easy to bend and it can be shaped in any complex form. On the hand, steel is quite harder and stronger than other metals that make it very tough to shape in other forms.  
  • Resistance to corrosion or rust is another feature where aluminium is preferred over steel. It can withstand extreme conditions such as salt water that makes it quite versatile product to be used in heavy industries. Steel, on the other hand, needs some sort of additional coating or painting to make it corrosion or rust resistant.   
  • Due to its lightweight property, the equipment made from aluminium are easily portable. This is the reason why it is more often used in crucial devices such as aircraft, heavy vehicles, ships etc. On the other hand, steel is quite heavy that makes it difficult to move from one place to other. This is the reason why companies only employ a metal such as steel in their operations when they don’t have any other options to choose.       
  • Aluminium is also rated as one of the highest environmental friendly material and this is the reason why industries are adopting it in their manufacturing process. It is easy to recycle thereby making it convenient for companies to keep a check on their production cost.  
  • The process of aluminium fabrication is quite economical when compared with the steel fabrication. It takes less than 10% of the energy to produce aluminium during recycling as bulk part of the energy is conserved in the used aluminium.
  • Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity as compared to steel. This is the reason why it is often used in household devices such as air conditioning, cooler, washing machine and many more.
  • Aluminium is soft and mild that makes it very feasible in the industries that involve a lot of cutting and moulding.

From all the aluminium advantages discussed above, you can quickly figure out why aluminium is in such as high demand these days. Whether it is a tiny electronic device or heavy machinery, you will find that aluminium is useful in all the circumstances.  

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