Things You Should Know About Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows boast numerous advantages that could make your property stand out from the rest. These windows are virtually maintenance-free. They are resistant to corrosion, which means you don’t have to paint them for protection like you would do with steel or wooden windows.  

Things You Should Know about Aluminium Windows

In this article, we explore some features that set aluminium windows apart from others. These features are essential to know before you go out shopping for the best aluminium windows.  

10 Things You Should Know About Aluminium Windows 

Colour Finishes 

Aluminium windows are one of the easiest types of windows to work with when it comes to home decorating. You can easily customise them to your favourite colour scheme as they can be painted with any RAL colour.

This is unlike most uPVC window frames, which are available in a limited selection of pre-set colours.  

Eco-friendliness and Energy-efficiency 

Aluminium windows are designed to promote a minimal production of carbon dioxide in gas heated homes. This can help increase your energy savings by at least 30 per cent, in addition to supporting a cleaner environment.  

Moreover, aluminium fabrications, such as windows and doors, are among the best-insulated on the market and hence boast high thermal performance. Materials like uPVC are prone to expansion and contraction when temperatures change. This can make your windows difficult to open or close. 

Conversely, aluminium hardly contracts or expands with changes in temperature, thanks to its exceptional stability. You don’t have to worry about your windows getting hard to close or open.  

It’s also worth noting that aluminium can be completely recycled without degrading its quality. So, when your aluminium windows reach the end of their usefulness and are replaced, the frames can be melted down and used to make new items.  


Aluminium is one of the most flexible architectural materials thanks to its design versatility and ability to work with an endless range of RAL colours. This means you can use aluminium windows in virtually any kind of architectural design.  Moreover, you can customise an aluminium window frame to suit any décor style, be it traditional, mid-century modern, or contemporary.  

Safety and Security 

Aluminium windows can be designed to offer maximum security. For example, you can have your windows internally glazed to make it more difficult for burglars to break in. You can also incorporate other security features in your aluminium fabrication, such as hinge protectors and shootbolt locks.   


With aluminium windows, you don’t have to worry about rust. Besides being corrosion-resistant, aluminium is also not prone to swelling or cracking like uPVC and other materials. These windows are virtually maintenance-free and can maintain their original look for an extended period.  This can save you a lot of money in the long run as your windows won’t require replacement as often.  

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