4 Types of Bi-Folding Doors

4 Types of Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding Door Types

By merely opening bi-folding doors of your living room, you can enjoy a soothing experience while glancing at your garden. Bi-folding doors are convenient as they are nicely designed in a manner that provides you large opening space along with easy handling mechanism. Go through following bi-folding door types and figure out which type suits your house:

Raised panel bi-folding doors:  

These forms of bi-folding doors are manufactured with different segments of solid wood. They are specially made for closet doors. Because of technology advancement, it is easy to craft raised panel bi-folding doors in any complicated design by merely entering the measurements into the system. They can be made in different styles, but a white colour certainly made them look genuinely aesthetic in your home.  

Room dividers bi-folding doors: 

These are also called French bi-folding doors which come with fitted glass that makes it suitable for several applications. The key use of these doors is to split your room into different sections. They can be purchased in readymade forms, or you can customise them considering the size of your room and its other specifications. In this type of bi-folding door, it is possible that they may have more than 2 panels. In rare cases, they may have more than 6 doors in one row. Still, they will be called as bi-folding doors because they can be opened or closed in the same folding.  

Flat panel bi-folding doors:  

These are one of the most known forms of bi-folding doors. On the virtue of their multiple applications, flat panel bi-folding doors can be used as pantry doors or closet. Most of the times, they are also used as room dividers. They can be crafted from wood in different sets of style to enhance the appearance of your house.   

Closet doors: 

It is also referred to as pantry doors and it is one of the most common forms of bi-folding doors. They are available in the readymade form, or you can design them according to your style. They are usually made from the wood panels and come with a couple of sets of doors.  

Apart from the few common types of bi-folding doors mentioned above, bi-folding doors can be classified according to the number of panels installed with them. The types can vary from 2-panel bi-folding doors to 6-panel bi-folding doors. These kinds of doors can be quickly moved either in right or left direction. In few cases, they can be installed at one end. They usually open from walls that result in extremely smooth functioning. Even a partial opening of these bi-folding doors allows excellent ventilation. When closed completely, they also act as a perfect insulator to maintain proper temperature in your house.  

Before choosing any of the bi-folding door types mentioned above, make sure you understand your requirements very well. You need to consider several aspects such as the size of your room, inside and outside area, interior decor etc. Once you have done with the research of all these crucial factors, you are good to go with a particular type of bi-folding door. Read some tips for buying before you make that final decision.

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